Thursday, February 28, 2008


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My older musician friends got me into you when I was a kid.  I was so excited back in late 1980 when, while living in New Orleans, rumors began to spread about the mighty Zeppelin finally returning to the Crescent City.  I had never seen the band, but the stories I'd heard were legendary. 

Then Mr. John Bonham passed away on December 4, 1980.  

I was so bummed -- and I know that sounds trite now -- but it's always hard for a young person to fully comprehend the death of a hero.  Heroes are immortal.  Sadly, human beings are not.  So, yes, I was sad.  Just like many others.  And I truly believe that the band did the right thing by closing up shop.  I resigned myself to never seeing you live... ever. 

Over the next twenty-odd years, there were a lot of Led Zep reunion shows.  Live Aid in 1985.  The Atlantic thing in 1988.  Knebworth, 1990.  I watched them all, expecting to witness the magic I'd heard about back in New Orleans during my youth.  But those performances, quite honestly, didn't do it for me.  I don't know why, but they seemed wholly unconnected to the Zeppelin I grew up listening to and had seen in "The Song Remains the Same" and that fuzzy Knebworth '79 bootleg videotape I practically wore out in college.  Again, I figured the tales of live Zep shows must have been wild exaggerations spouted by drunken pothead concert goers.  

I kept thinking that until a few weeks ago when--like millions of others--I watched a crappy video posting of "Kashmir" on YouTube from the London 2007 show.


Even on a tiny, overly -pixelated screen with terrible sound I was blown off the planet.  THIS was it.  THIS was the legend reborn.  THIS was the band I so desperately wanted to see play at the Louisiana Superdome back in 1980/1981.  THIS WAS... NO, IS... LED ZEPPELIN.  Which brings me to the following request.  

LED ZEPPELIN MUST TOUR THE US.  (And the rest of the world, too!)

That London show was what real music is all about.  It's the lightning-in-a-bottle that every wannabee and not-so-wannabee rock band has been trying to capture for the last 30 years.  It's also probably my one and only chance to make a childhood dream come true.  So.... JIMMY, ROBERT, JOHN PAUL, AND JASON... GIVE US ALL A WORLD TOUR.  

Your fans, friends, and family are waiting anxiously for you to bring it on home.

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Milaka said...

You and Hubby have much the same story about Led Zeppelin. He was supposed to see them in Detroit on that same tour. He also saw the clip to which you refer. We both sat up and took notice!