Friday, March 7, 2008


How cool is this picture?

It's even cooler if you love Macs as much as I do. My household is literally a Mac shrine (or museum?). I use a MacBook, the Mrs. gets down on a MacBookPro, we still do tons of work and fun-tivities on our ol' G4 "R2-D2" Mac, and we both have iPods. Oh, and we use Mac AirPorts and AirTunes to connect everything wirelessly in our house, as well as play music throughout the place.

Did I mention we REALLY like Macs in my household?

Nope, no iPhone yet. We're waiting for iPhone3 --more features, better functionality, and a cheaper price. But I expect it'll happen within a year.

Yes, the Mrs. and I cannot function without our Macs. For me, personally, the Mac opened a huge door to new venues of creativity. For those of you who were on my email list during the WGA Strike, you know that I took about 5,000 photos on the picket line here in Los Angeles. Thanks to iPhoto, I was able to edit, improve, and manage them. I'm now compiling the best of them into a book, along with a few personal essays about my experiences during the 16-week Struggle Against The Man.

Do I have anything against PCs? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I worked on a PC for years. I wrote most of my early scripts on a PC. I toured the country producing and directing a reality show, and a PC laptop saved my ass numerous times. So, I have no problems with folks who still like Windows and the PC set-up better.

But it's not for me. Not anymore.

I like the way I think better on a Mac. I like the way Mac products integrate seemlessly into my lifestyle. I like Macs because they're sexy. And so am I.

Now if that's not enough reasons to love a Mac, then what is?

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