Friday, April 11, 2008



Now anyone who knows me also knows that Yes is my favorite band. EVER. The title of my blog is starting to make sense now, eh? So imagine my excitement this morning when I was able to get seats for both the Anaheim and Los Angeles shows. My Anaheim tickets are so-so, but the LA seat is--from what I can tell--around the 10th row. SWEET. These will be my 31st and 32nd Yesshows respectively. I can't wait!

I know what you're thinking... am I really old enough to have seen Yes back in 1972? No. My first Yesshows weren't until the 80s, but let's just say I've been making up for lost time ever since. Actually, my sister turned me onto prog-rock back in the late Seventies by playing her copy of Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" over and over. I was into monsters and horror movies and science fiction, so the album's operatic scope and fantastic topic matter made it irresistible. Despite that, I didn't buy my first Yes album "Classic Yes," a greatest hits (!) compilation, until 1981. I became obsessed with the record, specifically with the song "Heart of the Sunrise" (I'm a bass player, remember?). They instantly became my favorite band, and it quickly became clear that--along with Van Halen and Rush--I had to go see them. Immediately. As I began to wonder when they'd come to town...

About two weeks later, my older next door neighbor informed me that Yes--my new favorite band--had just broken up.

I was screwed. Shit out of luck. What a bummer! I would never see my favorite band live. EVER. I didn't cry, but I came close. You know... those boy tears that young men must hold back lest their peers see them showing emotion and ridicule them to no end? Those were the ones I would have shed. But I didn't. I wanted to. But I still didn't. (Trust me, ladies... being a boy, especially an artistic one, SUCKS. But that's another post....)

CUT TO... two years later. It's the summer of 1983 and Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science" is burning up the charts. I remember the moment clearly. I was playing cards with my very first girlfriend. That new-fangled wonder MTV was playing in the background. (Remember how you always had to have it on? How it served as both a stereo and a window into everything fascinating and cool about early 80s pop culture?). Suddenly, that blond-haired guy Adam dude (What was his last name?) comes on the MTV news and announces that Yes has gotten back together and will release an album in the fall.

I literally SCREAMED, flipped out, and went CRAZY.

I also remember my girlfriend's reaction. She had literally never seen me act like that before. And she was jealous. I know, because she flat-out told me: "You never react that way over me." I remember replying, "Yeah, but you're not 'Yes,'" and immediately regretting it. Okay, I was young... Needless to say I spent that night alone.

But c'mon... it's YES!

She did eventually forgive me. And a few years later, I went to my first of 30 Yes concerts. The girlfriend--my first love--and I eventually broke up.

It's nice to know that some relationships do last forever.


Milaka said...

Adam Curry.

And you are definitely a Yes man!

gina said...

I totally get it.

My relationship with Sting and The Police has lasted longer than any other male-centered relationship (except my dad), and Sting has never let me down. ;-)

MisterJDF said...

It's also good that some relationships don't last...because they create the potential for other ones.

Having been responsible for getting you tickets to your first Yes show, I'm proud to be able to feel like I'm a part of this relationship in a strange way. And I saw them twice before you ever did, which is the only live music oneupsmanship I'll EVER be able to sport with you, because I don't live where bands play two or three shows within easy driving distance.

Oh, and I saw The Mars Volta last night. Man, was that ever intense. I'm already behind you on those guys, too, for all time, I suspect.