Wednesday, April 30, 2008


What do you think of when you look at this picture?

This was sent to me by a friend, I forget which one now, a few months back. I remember laughing the first time I saw it, and thinking, "Only a nutbag would look at the world this way." Now we all know WHOSE POINT-OF-VIEW this cartoon comically reflects. But after stumbling over this picture again this morning, two things have occurred to me:

#! - The Nightmare Is Almost Over.

Yes, we will have a new President soon. And although I'm voting for Obama, WHOEVER we get into office in January 2009 is going to be an improvement. But then, I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. But what's got me worried is the second thing that occurred to me:

#2 - This picture isn't funny anymore.

Or maybe it never was. I'm not sure which. The point is... not only do we have an outgoing President that sees the world this way, but there's the rest of the planet--or at least a large chunk of it--who THINKS that the rest of us see the world this way. Not to state the obvious, but that's pretty damn scary.

Which means all of us have a job to do in 2009.

That's right, folks. Obama... ahem, I mean, our new President, can't fix this country by him or herself. They're going to have their hands full getting us out of Iraq, fixing the economy and our rampant debt, and restoring a sense of unity to a divided nation. And that's just the beginning. So the rest of us--regardless of political affiliation are going to have to pitch in and help. How you ask? Well, there are a ton of ways. But one thing that should... must... be a priority is the restoration of our national DIGNITY.

I mean, would you look at that picture?!!!

My God. "Coffee comes from here I think." "More evil-doers." "Cold." What this picture really points out is how DUMB our country has become, and how well aware of it the rest of the world is. Think about it. Our education stats? Down over the last few decades. Our number of college graduates in scientific fields? Falling. No, I don't have exact numbers. [Although now I'm determined to find them...!] But I have eyes and ears. Just turn on your TV and look at how everything is becoming some form of "entertainment." The news is entertainment. The paper (I read the LA Times) is entertainment. Politics (and sadly many political leaders) has always been about entertainment.

It seems facts and integrity are a rarity.

Very well, then. Let this be our mission for the rest of '08, and into 2009. Let us concentrate on educating and enlightening ourselves. On keeping our minds OPEN instead of closed. To learning and embracing new ideas, rather than telling everyone that the old ones are the only ones that matter.

If you should travel abroad this year or next, DON'T BE A JERK. Act like you've got a brain. You're not just representing yourself, you're representing ME and 350 million Americans. If you're in school or at work or at the movies, ACT FRICKIN' CIVILIZED. If you have some spare time tonight or over the weekend, START READING that book that's been sitting on your nightstand for six months. Or better yet... order a new book via Amazon on some topic you've always wanted to learn more about, but never pursued. If you're a parent, inquire at your local school to see how you can help improve things. It might be through donations... it might be coming into a class to talk to students about what it is you do. (I did this once with a class of fourth graders and it was just as rewarding for me as it was for them... moreso, probably!) Whatever is it... don't wait. Start doing it NOW.

Because while a mind is a terrible thing to waste... wasting 350 million of 'em could be downright fatal.


Anonymous said...

Spot On!! I came here from a link on Eureka's website, and A. good job on the show! (Love it), but B. besides a love of SciFi, you and I have little in common. Oh, aside from the fact that I live in CA (the northern half). I'm a 53 year old lesbian, lifelong Democrat, who has been watching the brains of each successive generation gradually disintegrate into complete mush. It's disheartening. I agree completely with your post!

If you want a shock to your cultural system -- watch reruns of "What's My Line" on the Game Show Network (middle of the night). Witty, smart, funny-as-hell people on that show, and what's the most... revealing aspect? They're courteous to each other and the guests. There's no craptastic attitudes anywhere to be seen. It's as refreshing as the ocean breeze on a smoggy, hot day. Yes, people used to behave like that. As a matter of course. Raised to say, Please, and Thank You. And, frankly, there's nothing at all wrong with that and everything right.

From a left-wing, progressive point of view my biggest hope is that respect for each other and the rest of the world becomes the NORM, not the exception, come January 2009.


bassrocker said...

Thanks for reading and for the comments! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks America needs a wake-up call. And say "hi" to the north country for me; some of the best guitars and basses in the WORLD are made in Northern California and Oregon. As I recall, Santa Rosa, in particular.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A hollywood writer whose consciousness is like mine! Go!