Saturday, May 3, 2008


Just who is this cute guy?

He's the newest member of our family, and his name is Barney. After attending a pet adoption fair last weekend, we fell in love with him. Now, Barney has been rescued from a shelter and has his very own place to call home!


Barney's 4 years old, is a Labrador/Sharpey mix, and is suuuuuper friendly. I can't believe someone actually could abandon this lovely, charming, and ridiculously loving animal. Well, Barney's having the last laugh, because he's now got an entire home and groovy backyard to himself. He's only been with us three days, but so far we've found out he likes liver treats, is already partially-trained and extremely intelligent, and that he doesn't like squirrels. He's also great with other doggies.

We're just sooooo happy to have him -- more as Our Life With A Dog unfolds!


Milaka said...

Oh, he is adorable!!! Can't wait for most posts about him as you guys get to know each other. Did he come to you named Barney or is there a story behind that?

bassrocker said...

He came to us named Barney, which we loved and he already responds to, so we decided to keep it. Stay tuned for more!