Wednesday, July 2, 2008


You've already seen "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood," the groovy two-parter from last year's Season Three of the new Doctor Who? Of course, you have. Because you're cool.

But do you remember David Tennant saying this? Probably not! Yup, the middle section was cut out for the original broadcast. But now, at last, you can learn who the Doctor's favorite band is and what fruit he hates.

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Heather said...

Notes to self:
1)Check out Housemartins

2)Never read this blog when the kids are around or I will end up watching another clip 14 times in a row.

BTW, according to the always-reliable, never wrong, all its sources are straight-from-the-gods Wikipedia, The Housemartins broke up in 1988, so is David's memory starting to go or is that date wrong?

Oh, and its bass player was FATBOY SLIM.