Monday, July 14, 2008


Time for an update on the world's cutest dog, BARNEY.

It's been ten weeks now since Mr. B's arrival here at Casa Bassrocker. And he's now made himself quite at home. Not only has he stopped whining when put into his roomy, comfy crate each night... he now goes there on his own. It's become another groovy nap spot for him. He's also gotten used to walking around his new neighborhood, so much so that all the neighbors recognize and love him, too.

That's him lying on his favorite snuggle pillow above.

Oh, and he LOVES people. We've been taking him to obedience classes for 3 weeks now and he's doing great. The classes are outdoors, so he gets a bit distracted at times by Mother Nature. But he's learning all the basics pretty well--sit, lay down, catch, go to your bed, etc.

The classes are run by PAUL OWENS, and if you live in Southern California and need dog training, I recommend him highly! His mantra is "raise with praise," so no choke collars or abuse is used in training the dogs. Just attention, patience, and love. For more info, go to the web address below:

Next up... teaching him how to catch a tennis ball, then a frisbee. More on that as it happens...!


Milaka said...

He is the cutest ever!!!! Give him a big hug and some ear scritches from his Aunt Laka!!!

Alexandra said...

What kind of dog is he?? He looks a lot like mine....