Friday, August 22, 2008


We all know how much I love TELEVISION.

However, there just might be two things I love more than TV. A quick glance at this blog site tells you how much I love the progressive rock band YES. But there is something else... another great passion that's held me in its grip since my youth.


Believe it or not folks, this nerdy writer guy who grew up reading comic books, watched "Yog, Monster From Space" 20 times, and can recite verbatim dialogue from obscure Hammer Horror movies... was for a brief period of time a JOCK. That was waaaaaaay back in Middle School and High School. Football was my love and the Dallas Cowboys were my team.

Sure, once I discovered girls I quickly defected to the marching band (saxophone & oboe, thank you!), because that's where all the more intelligent, more interesting, and definitely more--shall we say "experimental" young ladies--hung out.(Trust me... all the things you've heard about band camp are TRUE.) But I never lost that love of America's Game. So when I heard my favorite pro football team was coming back to Southern California for Training Camp 2008, I made sure to drop by to check out the fun. Yes, I should have been writing. But hey, you only live once.

And boy was it worth it!

No, Jessica Simpson was not there -- at least not that I noticed. But Terrell Owens and his crazy pants (note: he's the ONLY player on the field wearing long pants in the middle of Summer!) were there. I'm telling you it's just awesome to see him catch a Tony Romo pass in person. One of these days I've gotta fulfill my other fantasy and go see a Cowboy regular season game in person!

While you're there watching the team practice, you can eat hot dogs, buy tons of NFL gear (Yes, I was wearing my #82 Jason Witten jersey all day!), and best of all... go ogle real SUPER BOWL TROPHIES in person. Yeah, a great time was had by all. Even my wife, who was attending her first NFL camp, had a blast.

Now if the Cowboys can just win a damn PLAYOFF game...

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dotsmom said...

This has nothing to do with the Cowboys.

I watch "Eureka" faithfully (have the first two seasons on DVD), and I had a silly idea for a script.

Most of the inhabitants of Eureka are outspoken (sarcastic) and speak their minds. However, in the story where B.R.A.D./S.A.R.A.H locks Fargo et. al. in the smart house, Fargo makes the comment that, when he's stressed, his subtext becomes audible. I'd love to see an episode where these thought bubbles float out of people's mouths while they are talking and break open to reveal what people are REALLY thinking--the subtext, in other words. I'd really love it if the thought bubbles would hang on tree limbs and break, graffiti-like, on the building walls.

Don't know where you can go with that, but if you can use it, go ahead!

Kathleen Smith