Sunday, August 17, 2008


So I'm sitting around this morning, hanging with the dog and thinking how much I really should be writing... and it suddenly occurs to me: how have I NOT mentioned the GENIUS that is BUFFY: SEASON EIGHT?!!!

Seriously, folks. This is one of the BEST COMIC BOOKS out there today!

If you love BUFFY as much as I do, you're probably already reading this great new series. The conceit is that the comic book picks up right where the end of the BUFFY SERIES left off. It's written and overseen by Joss himself, so these stories are canon. And they're awesome! So what's up with the Scooby Gang? I won't ruin too much, but I will reveal that 1) Dracula returns, 2) A certain skinless member of the Trio is still alive, 3) Xander has moved on from Anya only to experience more tragedy in his love life, 4) Willow... well, is still good ol' Willow, and oh, 5) Buffy has a much more open mind about her sexuality these days.

And Dawn is a GIANT.

If that's not enough to get you to start reading this awesome series...

Dark Horse is starting to reprint the entire run in trade paperbacks, so buy those if you can't find the individual issues. Now if they would only bring back Tara somehow...


Rox Kennedy said...

Hmm...does the character 'Fargo' get his love of Sarah Michelle Geller from you? It kinda make ya' wonder! ;^)

bassrocker said...

Dear Rox:

I shouldn't admit it, but at least partially... the answer is YES. (Although I'm actually more of an "Anya" kinda guy than Buffy...) Since Season One I've slowly, but surely been able to turn our Executive Producer/Co-Creator Jaime Paglia onto "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Now he's a HUGE fan, too. Fargo's love of Sarah will continue to be a running gag.

There's actually a line that was cut out of Episode 301, "Bad to the Drone," in which--upon meeting Eva Thorne for the first time--he say, "I haven't been this excited since the 'Buffy' panel at Comic Con." The line WAS shown this year AT the San Diego Comic Con as part of a special preview to over 2,000 Eureka fans... who promptly went crazy. Hopefully, the line will make it back onto the Season Three "Deleted Scenes" section. Thanks for watching!

Dru said...

Awww. Sorry, came via Whedonesque and just gotta say that this post is really, really cute. XD

Just adorable and Fargo is totally adorkable.

I mean, sure a bit annoying at times but still, you don't want anything bad to happen to him. lol.

(We just started ses. 2 here in Iceland. They just finished ses. 1 and went straight into ses. 2. A bit confusing at first but awesome.)