Saturday, September 20, 2008


Cool cover, eh?

It's for next month's DC UNIVERSE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2008, and I've contributed a short 7-page story to it called "Role Model." It's a dream fulfilled because I've been reading comics all my life and now, finally, I get to write for a medium that's soooo close to my heart. I had such a blast writing this one--it's a special Halloween themed story starring VIXEN from the Justice League of America--hopefully they'll be more on the horizon.

The DC UNIVERSE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2008 hits local comic book stores on Wednesday, October 22.

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MisterJDF said...

That's extremely cool. You're a multimedia mogul. Before I know it, you'll be setting a comic book to (weird - well, weird to other people less hip than we are) music for a network premiere of a cool science fiction-horror hybrid that will go on to be the best-selling TV series of all time, along with a six-pack of highly successful large-screen movies that run at a perfect 84 minutes each, and are distributed through the internet, with 95% of the profit going directly to those who made it, but which nevertheless consistently beat box office records.

In other words, I'm very excited for you.