Monday, September 22, 2008


There's a new JAMES BOND flick coming out this November, which means it's time for a new BOND SONG.

Now I love Bond songs. Not only are they performed by top artists, but they always find some hilarious, over-the-top way to integrate the film's title--no matter how ridiculous it might be--in a way that's actually cool. Plus, there's usually a lot of big, "wall of sound" type orchestration to add to the fun. Simply put, a good Bond song is like a damn good party: a bit dangerous, but always memorable. But as much as I like them, there's one thing the modern Bond theme songs have been lacking in the last decade or so.

And that's BALLS.

Call me old fashioned, but I love brazen, ballsy anthems like the ones for "Thunderball" and "Live and Let Die." Yes, "For Your Eyes Only" is a great song, but... balls? Sorry. And for the record, I'm not referring to gender here. Shirley Bassey's performance on "Diamonds Are Forever" has ROCKIN' BALLS. By "balls" I'm referring to PURE, ADRENALINE-FUELED BRAVADO.

Well, apparently some folks are up in arms about the new Bond song, "Another Way to Die," which is performed by Jack White & Alicia Keys. They think it sucks. Hmmm. Well, I decided to listen to the song for myself this morning and make up my own mind.


Holy crap... this is the BEST Bond song in YEARS. As I write this, I'm now listening to it for the FOURTH time in a row. I just can't get enough of this cut. Take about balls, and they're SEXY, DIRTY, NASTY BALLS, too, thanks to Alicia's uber-awesomeness which gives Jack's riffs the perfect touch of class.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Go to the official web link below and judge for yourself.

I think you're gonna dig it.


tonyskyday said...

I agree 100%. I haven't seen any scenes from the latest film, but that theme song fits wonderfully with the new, dirtier, everything-doesn't-come-super-easy Bond that debut with Casino Royale. Plus, you can practically see the title animation while listening to that grimy collection of guitar licks and horn hits.

Rox Kennedy said...

My husband and I are Bond fans and love this new theme song! It has grit and 'grind' to it that is a perfect fit to the balls-to-the-wall updated Bond style. Very cool!

Milaka said...

Lovin', lovin', lovin' it. Daniel Craig and White/Keys together. That's a dangerous combo.

dkan71 said...

Soooo not feeling this song. Where's the melody? The hook? It might work as score music, but it's not even a little radio friendly. I dare anyone to try to sing along to it. It's got a killer bass line and a lot of attitude, but otherwise...Gong!!

sarah said...
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Stellar Drift said...

Yeah I'd love it if i was 12 - this is utter rubbish which has about as much to do with a James bond song as George Bush has with statesmanship.