Monday, September 15, 2008


Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright passed away today at age 65 after losing a battle with cancer.

My condolences and best wishes to his family and friends during this time.

Unfortunately, I only saw Pink Floyd just once in 1987 on the "Momentary Lapse of Reason" tour. At the time, I remember thinking that there was no way they would play my all-time favorite PF song, "Echoes." After all, it was just too long and obscure. This was, after all, the EIGHTIES. Four minute pop songs by A-ha ruled the airwaves.

Well... that night in Austin, TX at the second of two nights at the Frank Erwin Center, Pink Floyd OPENED with "Echoes." And I mean, all 27 minutes of it, complete with a weird-ass slide guitar solo in the middle and everything! Needless to say, I was literally transported to another planet and my concert experiences were never quite the same.

When Pink Floyd reunited for Live 8 in 2005, I remember watching the show with my wife. She was blown away at seeing "Comfortably Numb" brought to life by the men who created it, having only experienced the song on the radio. I remember hoping that I wasn't witnessing the final live performance of the Floyd, but also being happy, because if I were seeing their Final Cut... how fitting that it should be one of their greatest ever.

Thanks, Richard, for all the great music and memories. You will be missed.

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