Thursday, September 11, 2008


Speaking of comic books...

I was at my local comic store, HOUSE OF SECRETS, the other day and I finally picked up Terry Moore's ECHO tradeback. (Some of you may know Terry from his groundbreaking graphic novel series, "Strangers In Paradise.") The cover, a woman standing in some kind of bizarre metal rainstorm, had caught my eye several times... but for whatever reason I never picked up the book. Until now. And boy, am I glad I did.

ECHO is fantastic.

The tradeback pictured above, "Moon Lake," collects the first five issues. So far it's the story of a female photographer who stumbles over some kind of secret military nuclear test. No, it's doesn't change her into the Hulk. But it does change her life forever. I won't spoil the mystery by saying how, but I will say that it's really cool.

What I love best about the book is how deeply it engages you in the main character's messy personal life. She's going through a divorce, something REALLY BAD happened to her family (which I'm dying to find out exactly what in future issues), and now she's hearing the voice of a dead woman in her head. Yet the book still has a wonderful sense of humor, great art, and a sense of honesty that's missing from most literature, let alone comic books, these days.

Apparently the latest issue (#6) just hit stands. Guess I gotta go back to store ASAP...

Check it out. I think you'll like it. A LOT.

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