Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's the end of an era.

I guess we'd all better really enjoy those DW specials next year. They're going to be his last.

Now that he's leaving, where will his Doctor be ranked? The best ever? Second to only Tom Baker? The debate begins NOW.


MissE said...

Tom Baker was the Doctor Who of my childhood - I loved his version of the Time Lord. And I think in some ways, David Tennant plays the Doctor in a similar way. Mind you... I think that the Doctor now is a little bit more adult than the one from when I was a kid.

But that doesn't answer your question, does it?

Simply put - yes, I think that David Tennant's Doctor should be ranked right up there with Tom Baker. :o)

Sarah-Enid said...

I might have answered that DT would be second to Baker up until the past season (four), because I've never enjoyed the Doctor so much and the heartbreak at the end- so yeah, I'll rank Tennant as the best!

Now just hoping his exit will be amazing- and probably horribly heartbreaking too!

just jane said...

Tom Baker will always be number one, no matter what.
In my heart Christopher Eccelston will be number two. He brought the series back from the dead in a way I would never have imagined possible. I wish he had done more than one series. David Tennant is okay, I never really warmed to him. It might have been the repeated mentionings of how he is "my doctor" in such a contrived way by several of the characters that put me off.
I would rank Jon Pertwee third, Patrick Troughton 4th then Tennant.
I wonder who will be tapped next? Whoever it is needs to commit to at least a five series run. Lately the Doctor seems to be running through his regenerations at a breakneck pace.

I nominate James Nesbitt, the wonderful actor from Jekyll. He would make a smashing Doctor.

Heather said...

I am SO SAD about this. Tom Baker is my dad's doctor, but David Tennant is my doctor, damn it, and Chris Eccleston was a close second for me.

But to bring it back round, they are talking about replacing him with Paterson Joseph, aka the guy from the last two episodes of new series one on the Weakest Link-type game show with Rose and, even better, SIMON FROM NUMBERWANG!!

I would LOVE Jack Davenport, though. I mean, he as already worked with Stephen Moffat.

Anonymous said...

2nd generation Doctor Who fan who caught the bug from my mother. I'm sad to see DT go because I really started warming up to him. I really liked C-Eccelston because--as just jane mentioned--he brought the series back. I also thought he added a darkness to the show that counterbalances the quirky/comedic/silly side of the show.

I think the real question is who's next? I predict we'll have the first minority Dr Who actor.

scass said...

*inchoate sob* I loved Tom Baker's Doctor, but I'm in love with Tenant's. And I'm still getting over Donna. I'll be interested to see if they try to tie River Song in before the end of Tenant's reign, or if that'll all be swept off camera.