Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes, I'm a busy bee these days. Between the day job, family, the dog, then a few exciting new projects (more on those in later postings), it's easy to see why great things slip through the cracks all the time. Well, last night I finally got to the DC/Vertigo graphic novel INCOGNEGRO on my reading pile. (You know... that big pile of books on your night stand that never seems to shrink no matter how much you read?).


Folks... I'll save my usual hyperbole and just cut to the chase:


INCOGNEGRO is a story of racism and redemption in the American South, circa 1920. It is fiction, yet it is truth. It is harsh, but also compassionate. It's also a damn good story with a nice twist in the end. Yes, "All-Star Superman" might be the most fun and enjoyable graphic novel I've read this year, but INCOGNEGRO is the most important.

WARNING: This book is definitely NOT for kids. We're talking 18-and-older, due to intense violence.

Just as a brief primer, I'll say that it's the story of a black reporter who sneaks into the racist South in order to do some very dangerous investigative journalism. It's a story from a time we'd all like to forget about, but dare not. Now if only I could write the screenplay for this movie and Spike Lee would direct it... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Thank you to writer Mat Johnson & artist Warren Pleece for creating this -- also thank you to DC COMICS for having the BALLS to publish this. Don't let their work be for nothing.


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cwr said...

Thanks that was a *great* recommendation. If you liked "Incognegro," you should read "The American Way" by John Ridley. It's another great political graphic novel. Set in the US in 1961 (pre civil rights), it tells the story of the repercussions of a "colored" superhero joining the ranks of the US government sponsored superhero team. Good stuff.