Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yesterday we let our voices be heard.

Today we are called to duty, the substance of which is to Recreate this great nation, these United States of America into a land where every person may be proud and prosperous and help lead this world into peace.

Let the differences that once kept us apart -- our races, creeds, religions, and orientations-- be our greatest strength at this critical hour for we dare not foresake this great challenge called the 21st Century. Let us instead be the Generation Now, answering the call while embracing each other in faith and kindness and transforming ourselves into agents of change, so that our enemies might become friends.

For only with hands clasped can we all form a perfect union.

And tell those who would doubt in the goodness of humanity that we believe. That each and every soul has meaning, that no man, woman, or child stands alone. That with compassion as our guide, no voice is too small to be heard.

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MisterJDF said...

I loved this speech. It brought tears to my eyes. I will go to hell and back for this man. Just say the word, President Obama, and I'll do it.

I really hope that the kind of healing, the kind of unification that underlay this speech will be our national experience.

I think Sen. McCain's concession speech was the best concession speech I've ever heard, and was the first time I've seen The Real McCain in months. I hope people follow his lead, because his attitude is exactly what we need to be able to access all of the possibilities that Obama's speech was loaded with. What a tremendous yin and yang those two speeches were.