Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's the COOLEST NEW SHOW on Television.

That's right, the fun starts tomorrow (Sunday, Dec. 7th) on TNT. It's a story about con artists who just might be fighting on the right side of the law... It's got an awesome cast! C'mon! Any show that has ANGEL's Christian Kane (wonder if his hand ever grew back?) and COUPLING/JEKYLL's supremely talented (and OH so gorgeous) Gina Bellman is a MUST WATCH. Oh. And there might be an Oscar winner on the show, too...

Yes. I'll fess up and admit that I have several good friends working on this show, so I'm a bit biased. But hey, I've already watched the pilot and would've continued to watch this show ever if it were written by strangers.

I think TNT might have another hit on their hands. And as a TV writer, I'm telling you... cable is a really exciting place to be these days. How many of your favorite shows are on the "other" networks these days? Lots of mine are: "Battlestar Galactica," "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," "Weeds," "Eureka" (yes, I'm very much a fan, too!), etc. Don't get me wrong. I can't wait for the new seasons of "Lost" and "24," and I never miss "The Office." And I'm really looking forward to "Dollhouse." I'm also digging the new shows, "Fringe" and "Eleventh Hour."

Hmmm... did I mention I watch a lot of TV?

But I'm glad there are more Networks out there finding success. 1) It means more places writers and aspiring writers can find jobs. 2) It provides for more diverse programming for today's diverse audiences. And now more than ever, that's important for America.

Yes, it's a good time to turn on the TV. See you Sunday night.

PS: Yes... because I'm a TV junkie, I WILL be watching THE LIBRARIAN: CURSE OF THE JUDAS CHALICE beforehand, so there!


Gina said...

Sounds great...I'll have to check it out. I'm a fan of Christian Kane, too. I always thought he was terrific in Angel.

By the way, can you pass on any ideas as to when we can expect to see some new Eureka? We're dying out here!

Anonymous said...

Add Dexter to that list and you have some of my faves too - plus I'm a huge Buffy/Angel fan and even went and bought the Kane cd that came out thinking I'd back up a guy on a show I love.

So I am really looking forward to seeing what comes out - I wasn't too impressed by the pilot, but they had a good cast chemistry... I just felt they were shooting to get more of the feel of the show right than the first story, and they did get a cool tempo and feel going.

Can't wait to see a few eps going and see how the show gels going forward! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Don't forget Dexter... but you're right, cable is the place to be. I advise my students writing spec scripts to stay away from network television shows. Too often they write something for a series like (sob!) Pushing Daisies, only to find it canceled in the blink of an eye.

And can I say how refreshing it is that a TV writer actually WATCHES tv!!!!!

Steve said...

Speaking of Eureka, Eric - what's going on with Eureka Unscripted? It hasn't been updated in over two months! What have you guys been up to?

Neil said...

I've been enjoying Leverage so far. I'll admit that the cast is what initially attracted me to it. It has been fun so far.

Please give us a Eureka Update.