Sunday, December 28, 2008


'Tis the season to be jolly and merry. Not work your behind off. Sadly, I'm doing both this holiday season. But I still am making time for family, the dog, and of course, catching up on my favorite all-time show, DARK SHADOWS.

I know, I know... I still haven't told you exactly what I've been working on in the DS realm. It's not the new Johnny Depp movie, I'll say that right now. Super-scribe John August is handling that one (check out his neato screenwriting blog for more info @ ). But I will tell you that it involves a return to 1897, one of original series' greatest storylines, and it will be available for PURCHASE very soon! (Most likely Spring 2009.)

In other news, the 12th issue of "All-Star Superman" finally came out last month, so look for the ALL-STAR SUPERMAN - Tradeback Vol. 2 soon. It was 2008's BEST comic book... And speaking of comic books, I read a lot of new/good ones this year: ECHO, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, SUPERGIRL, INCOGNEGRO. Well, add FABLES (yes, I'm WAAAAAY behind the curve on finding this one!) to the list.

And yes, it's become my new OBSESSION.

Imagine the Big Bad Wolf (Bigby) as a hard-boiled noir detective, Snow White as a business executive, Prince Charming as a womanizing cad... and you've got the makings of comic book / fantasy storytelling at its best. BTW: Thanks to ERIC over at the House of Secrets for turning me onto this awesome series! I barreled through the first 4 tradebacks (approxmately the first 25-30 issues) and just couldn't stop reading.

Seriously, if you've been looking for something to satiate that SANDMAN jones you've been desperate to scratch... give FABLES a shot. I think you'll dig it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's actor David Morrisey.

But then why is David Tennant so pissed? I can't wait to find out either...

You gotta love Christmas (Specials).

Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's the COOLEST NEW SHOW on Television.

That's right, the fun starts tomorrow (Sunday, Dec. 7th) on TNT. It's a story about con artists who just might be fighting on the right side of the law... It's got an awesome cast! C'mon! Any show that has ANGEL's Christian Kane (wonder if his hand ever grew back?) and COUPLING/JEKYLL's supremely talented (and OH so gorgeous) Gina Bellman is a MUST WATCH. Oh. And there might be an Oscar winner on the show, too...

Yes. I'll fess up and admit that I have several good friends working on this show, so I'm a bit biased. But hey, I've already watched the pilot and would've continued to watch this show ever if it were written by strangers.

I think TNT might have another hit on their hands. And as a TV writer, I'm telling you... cable is a really exciting place to be these days. How many of your favorite shows are on the "other" networks these days? Lots of mine are: "Battlestar Galactica," "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," "Weeds," "Eureka" (yes, I'm very much a fan, too!), etc. Don't get me wrong. I can't wait for the new seasons of "Lost" and "24," and I never miss "The Office." And I'm really looking forward to "Dollhouse." I'm also digging the new shows, "Fringe" and "Eleventh Hour."

Hmmm... did I mention I watch a lot of TV?

But I'm glad there are more Networks out there finding success. 1) It means more places writers and aspiring writers can find jobs. 2) It provides for more diverse programming for today's diverse audiences. And now more than ever, that's important for America.

Yes, it's a good time to turn on the TV. See you Sunday night.

PS: Yes... because I'm a TV junkie, I WILL be watching THE LIBRARIAN: CURSE OF THE JUDAS CHALICE beforehand, so there!

Friday, December 5, 2008


So am I the last person on earth to find out the FIRMAN is Paul McCartney?

I guess so...

Well, I've been sooooo busy writing the last 6 weeks that I've had no life (more on that later). But I did manage to pick up the CD by The Fireman. Apparently, this is the third collaboration between Paul McCartney and producer Youth, but the first one to have vocals. I haven't heard the first two CDs, but this new one (which came out last week) is just... AWESOME.

Man, why hasn't Paul been putting out records like this all along?

It's raw, experimental, full of passion... all the things that Paul hasn't been famous for lately (okay... maybe the last one, but not the first two). It's like the guy who helped create "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" suddenly woke up... or emerged from a time warp... or went back to taking LSD... and started making badassed music again. Needless to say, this one's already gone into high rotation.

Paul... if you're out there listening... TOUR WITH THIS MUSIC. AND PLAY SMALL CLUBS. It's okay if the ticket costs a fortune. I'll pay it!!! And play multiple nights at the same, tiny venue. YES did this on "The Ladder" tour in 1999. I saw them in the intimate setting of LA's House of Blues. They played three nights in a row. I went all three nights (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday). By Wednesday night, I was soooo spoiled. The entire audience really got a chance to explore the band in an intimate setting (Uh, that didn't come out right.) and really dig deeply into the music. And from what I read about the tour afterward, apparently it was just as rewarding for the musicians to play in smaller venues as it was for the audiences.

OK... back to work.