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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sci-fi TV fans... I have just seen a preview for the Next BIG THING: it's a British show called SLINGERS. I know what you're thinking. How can a show that's still in production... that I haven't even seen a full episode of... be saddled with such praise?

Check it out for yourself.

SLINGERS from Mike Sizemore on Vimeo.

Now do you BELIEVE?

I'm counting the days until this show hits the small screen!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


But hey, I know Final Draft and Movie Magic...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I think this is final proof that the Star Wars generation really has taken over the planet...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NO @#$%-ING WAY...


A piece of baguette dropped into the Hadron Collider by a BIRD caused the mightly particle accelerator to malfunction. Seriously. Still think I'm kidding? Go to the address below for the entire article at POPULAR SCIENCE.COM

Ladies and gentlemen, I write for EUREKA and even I couldn't make something up this good...!

Oh. And look for all-new episodes Summer 2010. :-)


Because it's still so damn FUNNY.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


At last... the saga of the TATTOOED MAN aka Mark Richards comes to an end.

Pick up a copy of FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK #6 today and find out how it all happens!

Oh... and look out for a special BLACKEST NIGHT tie-in issue from yours truly in January 2010. BLACKEST NIGHT: THE POWER OF SHAZAM #48 features the return of a particularly troubled member of the Marvel Family.

And trust me, Kahndaq will never be the same!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


BATMAN got one. SUPERMAN got one, too. SPIDER-MAN just got one a coupla months back. And you damn well know the X-MEN will get one when their time comes. So why not the greatest female superhero of all time?!!! And just what am I referring to?

I'm talking about a 600th issue for Wonder Woman.

Let me explain.

All the heroes and super teams listed about have been around for at least 40 years. Which means they've all had enough time to get to that magical issue 600. Well, everyone's favorite amazon princess has been around for SIXTY-EIGHT YEARS. Yup, with the exception of a brief period in 1986, Diana has been published continuously.

And if that's not enough to prove just how important she is to pop culture, then what about the iconic 70s TV series, the numerous dolls and toys that continue to pay homage to her, or that cool new animated DVD movie that just came out? Yes, if anyone is deserving of a 600th issue... it's WW.

But it won't happen without your help.

The problem is... NUMBERING. Currently appearing in the third version of her series and written by the brilliant Gail Simone, issue #36 of WW hits stands tomorrow. Nope, that's not a typo. ISSUE THIRTY-SIX. This is because although it's her third series, Diana's run always starts over at "Issue #1" every time.

Now mind you, this is done for two very good reasons. One: first issues sell more comics. Two (and more importantly): restarting a classic character in a new series at "#1" helps reignite reader interest. After all, folks like collecting "first issues." Also, it's a lot less intimidating for a new WW fan to jump onboard a series at #1 -- it makes them feel like they haven't missed anything -- than say... #591, which might discourage the casual comic book buyer.

But in renumbering her title twice now, a milestone in comic book history is in danger of being overlooked. Thankfully, DC Comics SVP & Executive Editor Dan DiDio wants to change that. And he needs help from all of us. Check out the following excerpt from yesterday on NEWSARAMA.COM:

"... we caught DiDio looking at some of the postcards he's received in support of switching the Wonder Woman comic back to its original numbering. As readers will remember from our previous conversations with the editor, DiDio will change the numbering of Wonder Woman #45 to #600 if he receives 600 total postcards. DiDio said the count is up to 385 postcards so far."

600 postcards.

That's it, people. SIX HUNDRED measly postcards that say, "Please renumber WW #45 to #600. Thank you!" But even though this was announced several weeks (maybe even months!) ago, only 385 postcards have been sent. Well, that's not just a shame, it's a CRIME against the Gods of Pop Culture.

C'mon, people!

Go to your local store. Spend the buck or so for a cool postcard, write the message above, put a stamp on it... and SEND IT NOW to Dan @ DC Comics. I'm doing it as soon as I finish writing this. What's that? Don't have the address? I do.

1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

And now that I think about it... screw 600 postcards. Let's aim high and blow expectations out of the water. How about 6,000 postcards?!!! Or even 29, 657 (the number of copies WW #35 sold last month)! Together, we can do this. So go out today and do the right thing. But don't stop there. Tell your friends. Tell your mom and dad. Tell your spouse. Tell Gloria Steinem! Tell anyone who will listen!

Together, we can give WONDER WOMAN the kind of 600th issue celebration she deserves.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh, man. It's a great time to be geeky.

The latest reason is the announcement that all the old DARK SHADOWS comics from Gold Key (long since discontinued and out of print) are finally being re-released in deluxe hardcover editions!

Dude, I used to read these when I was a kid!!!!

I just can't wait until March 2010 to buy these. Sure, I know some of the stories were cheesy. And that they rarely had anything to do with established DS continuity. WHO CARES! It's Barnabas Collins in his original comic book form!

I used to read these while living in Germany as a kid; they were one of the ways I was able to keep in contact with my Heimat-culture while being so far away from home. So, yes... these comics... no matter how flawed they might be... are extremely personal to me. Back then, living in the German countryside with no other English-speaking kids within 30 kilometers, being able to bring home a bit of Dark Shadows every other month or so was a real Godsend, one that got me through some lonely times.

Fortunately, they also sufficiently warped my brain and turned me into the writer who makes his living nowadsys telling weird, funny, and spooky stories on a regular basis.

Thanks, Barnabas -- can't wait to reconnect. Your BFF, moi.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm not sure what to think about AVATAR just yet. I'm an old-fashioned kinda guy who likes to wait until the movie actually COMES OUT before judging it.

But, damn! This scene is seriously funny!!!


When we last saw our hero, The TATTOOED MAN aka MARK RICHARDS... things were getting a bit kinky. Plus, conditions with his family are quickly going to hell. Well, guess what? The city of Liberty Hill is next. Literally.

Pick up FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK #4 now and find out what happens next!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Does anything more really need to be said?

Didn't think so...

Monday, August 24, 2009


And no, it's not porn.

It's someone boiling down the plots of movies to two sentences or less with hilarious results. Some of my favorites?

1. ROSEMARY’S BABY: An unplanned pregnancy leads to complications.
2. LORD OF THE RINGS: Midget destroys stolen property.
3. FANTASTIC FOUR: Scientist exposes friends, family to dangerous radiation to assuage ego, becomes embroiled in rivalry with former room-mate.

What to read more? Just point your web browser to the link below.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


... I'm running for the Board of Directors of the WGAw (Writers Guild of America).

Now I know what you're probably thinking, because so am I: AM I NUTS?!!! Between writing TV, writing comic books, writing audio plays, new parenthood, and... oh... A LIFE (!), I can't possibly have any more free time, eh?

Well, I keep saying that. And somehow, when I add something new to the agenda, it actually seems to get done. But the truth is, as a result of my experiences on the strike line in 2007/2008, I've come to realize how important it is to be actively involved with the future of professional storytellers, especially in a world where radical advances in technology and New Media are changing the game on what seems like an hourly basis!

Also, maybe... just maybe I can help make life a little bit better for both my peers, as well as future writers who have yet to even join the WGA. After all, that's what the founders of the Guild, men and women who sacrificed everything (and got blacklisted for it) did like seventy-odd years ago. Those folks really had the really hard job of being first through the gate, and that alone is something to respect and admire. If I could be a quarter of the pioneer that they were back then, that would make it all worthwhile.

Hmmm. That's sounds a lot like lofty rhetoric, eh? Well, what do you expect? I am a writer...

Seriously, though.

Maybe it's this simple. Maybe being part of a Guild or any organization is about being responsible to something larger than yourself, something that has your back.

So maybe it's just time to start giving back.

Whether I win or not will be unveiled in mid-September, so stay tuned for more as it happens...

Oh, and if you want to check out my Candidate's statement, point your web browser to the link below.

Or simply CLICK on the words "WGA 2009 Statement" on the RIGHT. It'll tell you a bit more about me. And while you're there, check out the other candidates who are running at the web address below, some of whom have been kind enough to endorse me.

Yeah, it's gonna be an interesting Autumn...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



And I thought playing this on the bass... WITH MY HANDS... was hard. This 11-year-old young lady is doing it with her feet. Oh, and the rest of the guitar & keyboard parts with her hands.

Just imagine what kind of original music this kid could be making ten years from now, if she puts her mind to it. (Actually, given the level of her talent, make that four years...).

Okay. I'm gonna go practice now. If I'm gonna keep up with this kid, then I've got a ton of woodshedding to do...

Monday, August 10, 2009


And we think things are commercialized nowadays?!!

Yes, pictured above is exactly what you think it is. BATMAN: THE CEREAL. I got this waaaaay back in June, 1989 right before the Tim Burton BATMAN movie came out. I found it again this weekend--20 years later--while cleaning my garage.

Man, a lot has happened in the last twenty years.

In the Summer of 1989, I was soooooo young. I didn't know much. Girls were still pretty much a mystery. I'd only recently been to my first Yes concert (a year earlier on the "Big Generator" Tour). I was living in Austin, Texas. And yes, I was reading comic books like a crazy person.

Today I'm married, I've seen Yes 33 times, I live in LA... and I'm still reading comic books like a crazy person. Of course, I write them, too, so there has been some progress in the last two decades.

But man... finding that Batman bank was just wild. Who'd have thought that a cheesy box of tasty, sugar-filled cereal (yes, I bought two boxes back in 1989... the first one I actually ate. It tasted just like Captain Crunch) would be a time capsule to self-reflection all these years later?

And why haven't I sold this thing on Ebay yet? C'mon... it's unopened AND comes with a bank!

So what did I learn from Batman Cereal this weekend? I learned that the dreamers of this world (like myself) do have something to offer. Because the world is a harsh tough place and the fuel that we provide keeps it running.

Yes, I supposed this is the part where I tell you sad stories about how hard it's been to get this far. How hard it's been for the kid who dreamed of telling stories for a living to finally get to a place where he can do it for a living. But you've heard enough of those tales. No one needs another sad story about someone getting crapped on just to beat the odds in the end. What we all need is that fuel. It's what will get us through the tough times. What inspires us to reach great heights and be people.

That fuel is hope... and as cheesy as it sounds, it's something the world has been sorely lacking in as of late, something that hopefully (pun intended) is making a come back. Hope is the currency we dreamers trade in. It's our stock and trade. Our bread and butter. It's what gives us the power to turn our dreams into realities. Because as long it exists, we will never give up. But it's not ours exclusively. Hope can be yours, too. Trust me when I say it can change your life. It might take twenty years and a box of cereal. Or it might take five minutes and frightening-yet-simple decision to take a stab at doing what you've always wanted or becoming who you've always wanted to be.

And the good thing about hope is that it's not just a renewable resource, it's the one inexhaustible fuel the human race possesses. So go ahead. Fill up. Done that? Good.

Now dare... to dream.

Friday, July 31, 2009



Anyone who knows me at all KNOWS that my all-time favorite movie is ALIEN (1979). Yes, this movie... more that STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, ANNIE HALL, HALLOWEEN, THE SEVENTH SEAL, and METROPOLIS (my other top favs)... is responsible for forcing me to get off my ass and move to Hollywood.

I've seen it soooooo many times it's ridiculous, I've memorized the score (both versions!), it's the first one-sheet I ever owned, I quote dialogue from the movie on an almost daily basis to bewildered friends (where do you think I first learned what the word "collate" means?), and I even have a Sigourney Weaver action figure atop my bookshelf.

Yes, ALIEN is the foundation for the geek house that I've built and have been living in ever since.

So... imagine my shock when I found out this morning that RIDLEY SCOTT is coming back to make an ALIEN PREQUEL? Don't believe me? Below is the article from TODAY'S VARIETY. Check it out for yourself:

"Twentieth Century Fox is resuscitating its "Alien" franchise. The studio has hired Jon Spaihts to write a prequel that has Ridley Scott attached to return as director. Spaihts got the job after pitching the studio and Scott Free, which will produce the film.

The film is set up to be a prequel to the groundbreaking 1979 film that Scott directed. It will precede that film, in which the crew of a commercial towing ship returning to Earth is awakened and sent to respond to a distress signal from a nearby planetoid. The crew discovers too late that the signal generated by an empty ship was meant to warn them.

The deal gives Fox another chance to keep the "Alien" franchise alive. There were three sequels to Scott's original, but it is the first time the director has set his mind on directing one.

Spaihts has become a go-to-guy for space thrillers. After Keanu Reeves became attached to his Warner Bros. sci-fi script "Shadow 19," Reeves hired Spaihts to write the space journey epic "Passengers," which is berthed at Morgan Creek. That script got Spaihts the meeting with Fox and Scott Free, and he won the job with an "Alien" reboot take that the studio and Scott loved.

Fox has separately hired him to rewrite "The Darkest Hour," which Timur Bekmambetov to produce with Tom Jacobson. Spaihts is writing "Children of Mars" for Disney and Scott Rudin, and he will follow by rewriting "St. George and the Dragon" for Sony and Red Wagon."

So how am I feeling about all this?


Because... hey... what if it sucks? It'll be the final nail in the ALIEN franchise's coffin.


Because... WHOA... there's gonna be another ALIEN movie. And @#$%... Ridley Scott's gonna direct it!!!


Because although writer Jon Spaihts' pitch was probably really cool, the script still has to be written. And then it's got to go through the long, arduous studio development process. And since it's such a high-profile film, it's gonna be a meal made by a thousand cooks...


Screw all that! Ridley's BACK!!!


Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. They're gonna bury my all-time favorite franchise.


Hey... is this what TITANS fans are feeling like? Maybe I'd better give this movie a chance and not condemn it before it's released... which, let's face it, isn't gonna be until like 2012 or 2013.


According to X-FILES mythology, colonization takes place December 22, 2012. So I guess I won't have to worry about any of this.


Please... let it good. Let it be good. Let it be good.


Hey, Ridley... if you need someone to do a polish or even a whole draft, CALL ME.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You enjoyed FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK #1 & #2... so what's up in issue #3? Well, let's just say that things take a bizarre turn in a touching love story you'll never forget.


Monday, July 27, 2009



Well, another San Diego Comic Con is over, and I'm exhausted, but still buzzing from all the fun.

There were so many highlights for me this year, I can't even begin to mention them all. But celebrating the fourth season pickup of EUREKA has got to be one of the greatest ever. It came as a complete surprise and was the perfect capper to a wonderful week.

Equally exciting for me was the wonderful surprise and privilege of getting to participate in two DC COMICS panels, the first on Friday of which featured a BIG announcement about my TITANS run. Yup, it's true. DEATHSTROKE will be the new leader of the Titans.

And I know what you're thinking, because several fans came up to me all weekend, asking, "WTF?!!!!"

Well, I can't say much yet without spoiling things, so I'll tell you what I told them. Just wait and see -- things in the Titans world are about to get seriously wild, awesome, weird, exciting, and yes... just a little bit CRAZY.

Of course... after all the geek talk, panels, and buying stuff... you gotta find some time to chill out. Pictured below is the view out our hotel window. Yes, margaritas were consumed while enjoying this view...

But of course... as much as I enjoyed the professional side of being at SDCC, I'm still a MAJOR geek at heart. And for the geek inside me, the highlight of the entire week was being lucky enough to get into the DOCTOR WHO panel!!! Dear God... RUSSELL T. DAVIES... DAVID TENNANT... EUROS LYN... and JULIE GARDNER... ALL in the same room?!! And how about that BIG SPOILER about who the Tenth Doctor will face in his final hours?!!!

I cheered. I cried. I screamed. Man, I love Doctor Who... and I'm sooooo gonna miss David T. But hey, I've been through this before, so who knows? Maybe next year it'll be Matt Smith that I'm cheering for?!

I sure hope so.

Friday, July 17, 2009


That's right... yours truly will be at the San Diego Comic Con all next week to talk about EUREKA, comic books, and of course, my upcoming supernatural multi-media project and comic book, ETHEREAL. So join me won't you?

You can keep track of where to find me via both my Twitter feeds:


Or drop by any of the EUREKA events -- you know I'll be there!

And just events are those? Well, there's a EUREKA PANEL on Friday, July 24th and a special screening of that week's episode, "Insane in the P-Brane" later that night. Details are below, courtesy of the Comic Con website:

Friday, July 24th

Eureka is back this summer with all new episodes, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison Blake), Erica Cerra (Jo Lupo), Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo), Jaime Ray Newman (Tess Fontana), and Jaime Paglia (executive producer/co-creator) are stopping by to let you in on the fun. Moderated by Josh Gates (Destination Truth). Room 6BCF

Friday, July 24th
8:30-10:30pm Syfy Screenings of EUREKA and WAREHOUSE 13 air every week on Syfy, but only Comic Con fans can see them on the big screen. Join Syfy for an exclusive screening of the next all new episodes of the summer's two hottest series along with best of clips from Ghost Hunters. Room 6DE

And what's that? You still haven't checked out ETHEREAL? Well, just go to the link on the right. There's ALL-NEW ARTWORK from the upcoming ETHEREAL COMIC BOOK launching this Fall. And look for new SPOOKY VIDEO CONTENT on the website in late August/early September.

Just what is ETHEREAL? It began life as a TV pilot about one man, Dr. Bodie Taylor, and his fight to rescue his wife from supernatural forces bent on taking control of our world. You can follow the ETHEREAL Twitter Novella right now by following:


Once the comic book launches this Fall, plans are in the works to bring you exclusive interactive video content. And who knows? You might even see ETHEREAL on your TV screens or on your computers as a WEB SERIES. But we'll get to all that a few months down the line.

Anyway, join me at the San Diego Comic Con this year and find out everything I'm up to!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, I usually try not to give folks advice... at least not unless they ask for it. But one request I get constantly is from a friend or relative who "... has a nephew or buddy or old schoolmate trying to break into the biz" who's looking for advice from a working professional, i.e. yours truly.

I got such a request from a really good friend a few days ago on behalf of his sister's friend's cousin or whatever. I'm never sure just what to say to folks trying to break into this insane business, but what follows is exactly what I sent my buddy to forward to the aspiring artist in question. Well, I must have said something right, because my buddy told me that he's going to use excerpts from it in his management course at work, and that much of the advice could easily apply to any field.

Hmmmm... really?

Which got me to thinking that if there is anything worth knowing in what follows, that if it can help just one person have a easier time of things as they go through this crazy journey that is life and art and whatever else... then maybe it would be a good thing to share with all of you. So here goes... my "words of wisdom."


Patience, persistence, hard work, and a bit of luck. Of course, you can make your own luck (a la Thomas Jefferson) by working hard, being patient, and always being persistent.

Also, be flexible. There are so many great opportunities in the entertainment industry nowadays that didn't used to exist. Also, don't measure success by outrageous goals like, "If I don't have an Oscar by age 30, I'm a failure!" Yes, Diablo Cody got an Oscar at 28. This is sooooooo the exception. Most of the influential and powerful people in this town, the ones who can get movies, TV shows, or video games made, are all 50+ years of age. (The exceptions are actors, but if you want to be one of those--man, GOOD LUCK.)

One big secret to success is that you can't do it alone. So... FIND A MENTOR. That's someone in your specific field (writing, cinematography, acting, editing, set design, whatever...) that is a working professional and a nice person. Then beg to be their apprentice/mentee/assistant/coffee boy or girl. I did it, and trust me... it works. Also, you will outgrow a mentor after a few years, so find a new one then.

Another big secret to success out here: continue your education in your specific field. All the entertainment fields are craft or techically driven. The craft (acting, writing, for example) continually changes. You must be "up" on what came before and what's coming down the line. So keep studying and learning. For example, I'm a writer. But the way screenplay structures are written now vs. 15-20 years ago when I started out have changed radically. I knew this, so 5 years ago I took courses on all the new stuff, also on all the new writing computer programs. I'm current -- but I continually study how scripts, outlines, synopses, dialogue. etc. are performed on contemporary shows. Someone's always breaking new ground. It doesn't have to be you... but once it happens, you need to have it under your belt.

This is even more important in technical fields like camerawork, lighting, visual effects, editing, and directing. The technology is changing so fast, I've seen people get jobs because they knew how to use a new editing system or camera / lighting package... when a competitor did not.

Lastly, surround yourself with a strong support network of 1) peers and 2) loved ones. Let's say you're an actor or director starting out. You should be making friends with fellow actors, writers, directors, editors, & camerapeople who are at your level. You will help each other get through tough times. Also, if you pool your talents... you just might create something special. On the other side, true friends and loved ones that believe in your dream just as much as you do are crucial. You WILL fail multiple times in this industry throughout your career, just as you will SUCCEED BIG TIME on other occasions. When you fail, you need something close to you there to remind you why you're doing this.

Because making in the entertainment industry is HARD AS HELL.

There are about 10,000 people in the world who are just dying to be plumbers. There's about 100,000 people who want to be opticians. Guess how many people would love to be a famous actor... or millionaire screenwriter... or big shot movie director?

About 10,000,000,000,000,000 people. They are your competition. And they are working just as hard as you are. Some them are even Steven Spielberg's cousins. Hence the need for a hard work ethic, patience, persistence, mentors, peers, loved ones, and yes... LUCK.

I hope this helps.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Wanna know more about my plans for TITANS? Then check out my interview on COMIC BOOK RESOURCES by pointing your web browser to the address below.

Oh, the fun's just starting...!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, actually THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO, but got your attention didn't? Seriously though...

In case you hadn't heard, DC Comics has announced that I'll be taking over as the new writer on TITANS once the current run of one shots wraps up (Winter 2009/2010), and I can't tell you how excited I am!

Actually. I CAN tell you that. What I can't tell you are spoilers on the upcoming stories. First up, here's the announcement as made on

5. Is there a similar announcement about the Titans creative team coming up?

DD: I’m sure there will be shortly.

NRAMA: Got a ballpark on time?

DD: How about right now? We’re happy to say that the team that’s working on Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink right now, Eric Wallace and Farbrizio Fiorentino will become the new regular team on the series after the current stories wrap up, but when they do come on board, expect dramatic changes in the world of the Titans.

So how excited am I? So much so that when I ran into comic book legend and TITANS co-creator MARV WOLFMAN this weekend at the Writers Guild here in LA, I just had to geek out on him and tell him how much I loved his run. I also promised I'd do my best to make him proud.

To my utter shock and complete delight, Marv then proceeded to tell me how big a EUREKA fan he is. Whoa... talk about your memorable-but-totally-surreal life moments.

Okay... now the pressure's really on to write some great stories, because if I don't Marv is gonna yell at me...

Just kidding.

Or AM I?

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Somehow I have a feeling that the real thing isn't going to be this funny...

Friday, July 10, 2009


... the man without the badge.

But how long will he remain that way?!! Tune in tonight and find out, 'cause all your favorite EUREKA folks are back.

It all starts tonight on our new night... FRIDAYS all Summer long on SYFY!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Not really.

But last night's YES & ASIA combo concert at LA's Gibson Ampitheater was pretty close. Far out prog-rock music! An abstract Roger Dean stage that looked like solar sails! Ten minute songs with a billion notes! Not one, but TWO long, 70s-style drum solos from both CARL PALMER and ALAN WHITE! And... thanks to Asia, TONS OF HITS!!!

Man, what a night...

That's Yes pictured above with new vocalist Benoit David, a Canadian newcomer who did an awesome job filling the big shoes of master singer Jon Anderson. Highlights of the set were "Machine Messiah" from the never-played DRAMA album, as well as blistering versions of "Starship Trooper," "Astral Traveller," "Heart of the Sunrise," and--of course--"Roundabout."

I know what you're thinking. Yes must've kicked Asia's ass, right?



No, that is not a typo. They were BRILLIANT.

Knowing that they were the opening act and only had 70 minutes to do their thing, they blew through their classics ("Heat of the Moment," "Wildest Dreams," "Only Time Will Tell," "Sole Survivor," etc.) and some new material, plus some surprise gems ("Video Killed the Radio Star!!!") with high intensity and a joy that was both clearly palpable and highly contagious!

"Machine Messiah" might have been my favorite song by either band last night, but I'm telling you... 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were all Asia hits.

And no, the two bands did not get together at the end of the night to play a song together (bummer). This is despite the fact that guitarist Steve Howe (below) plays in BOTH bands... AND the fact that Asia keyboardist Geoff Downes used to be the keyboardist for Yes and actually played on the original version of "Machine Messiah!"

Weird, eh?

Throw in the fact that a recovered Jon Anderson is currently doing his own solo tour in Europe and it makes you think there's some kind of rivalry going on between all these guys.


Oh, well. Last night it was me and the rest of the audience that won.

Now if EMERSON, LAKE, & PALMER would just get back together...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Back from a quick road trip across the US and guess what greeted me in my email inbox when I came back?


Although Leonard Nimoy probably recorded this back in the late 1960s (judging from his Spock haircut), I didn't see or hear it until 2003 when Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movies were released.

I laughed so hard when I watched this video then... and I laughed again when I rewatched it this morning!

Enjoy -- and thank you, Leonard!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


If you loved the first issue, check out FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK #2 -- it's out today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


That's right... now you can get my DARK SHADOWS Audio Drama, "The Wicked and the Dead," for a great price. That's because it's on sale right now at Get it now and save 32% on the regular price. Plus, check out the groovy new packaging!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to GET SPOOKY.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Do you like THE DOORS as much as I do?


Do you like WEIRD AL YANKOVIC as much as I do?

That got your attention.

Then check out the video above. And yes, that's Doors keyboardist RAY MANZAREK laying down the organ tracks!

Thanks to my favorite SUPERGIRL scribe STERLING GATES for bringing this to my attention and helping us all have a better Tuesday!