Monday, January 5, 2009


Here we go again.

Is Matt Smith too young? Probably. Will I miss David Tennant? Definitely. Am I worried that the show's quality will suffer? No, because the new head writer--Steven Moffat--wrote the brilliant "Blink" and "Girl in the Fireplace, not to mention creating both "Coupling" and "Jekyll." Hell, if anything... the stories should get even better.

A lot of expectations are going to rest on Mr. Smith's shoulders. I, for one, will wish him good luck and hope for the best.

It's funny, you know. As Doctor Who fans, we go through this all the time. Every time a Doctor regenerates, their tenure is suddenly held up as the Holy Grail and doom is forecast throughout TV land for the incoming arrival. Well, I didn't like Tom Baker until his second episode, "Ark In Space." I didn't really fall in love with Peter Davidson until his SECOND season opener, "Arc of Infinity." Same goes for Sylvester McCoy, who took the longest to grow on me. But now I love them all.

So when I express doubts about the New Guy, let's face it. This, too, shall pass. The show is on a roll now -- it's not going to become lousy overnight. There are too many talented people behind Mr. Smith, all of whom want to SURPASS the Russell Davies Era, not just equal it.

The only awkward part is watching these last four Tennant/Doctor specials. It's weird watching someone, when you know they're leaving the role. Hmmm. Maybe they should have saved the Matt Smith announcement for the end of 2009/early 2010. Or maybe Tennant should have stayed on for another year. Did you all know that when he took the role, Tennant was quoted as saying that he wanted to be the "longest lasting Doctor," and that he wanted to break Tom Baker's record of SEVEN seasons. Well, fame and fortune must have happened along the way, because now he'll end up with four-and-a-half very memorable years.

Goodbye, David. Hello, Matt. Now let's get this show on the road.


Sarah-Enid said...

I think I saw the best 'everyone just stop panicking' comment when a fan of the show observed, "Remember when we all panicked over Daniel Craig as the new Bond? If we just wait and see, we'll save ourselves a whole lot of stress!"

I wish him all the best of luck! He was fun in the couple of episodes of BBC's Party Animals I caught, so I remain hopeful he'll be a good choice. Besides, with Moffat at his back, how can we not have faith? =)

derekcbart said...

I think Tennant did originally want to stay longer, but with his back troubles and RTD leaving he must have thought that it would be a good time to leave.

Heather said...

I had a list of people I wanted to play 11, and unfortunately, they were all known names.

My biggest hope was that with Moffat, we could have gotten Jack Davenport or Richard Coyle, but when we thought it was Paterson Joseph or the guy who played the Operative in Serenity (yeah, not even trying to spell it), I was all, "Oohh...that could work." Paterson would have made the best Ford Prefect-ish Doctor.

Eh, I'll give him a chance.

Kurge said...

I was really hoping Billy Connolly, the scottish comedian, would have been in the running. Somehow, I don't know how I'll feel about watching Doctor Who and having this guy in the role.

Ransom said...

I am very excited about Moffet taking over - his episodes were the best - Blink was my favourite - but the Girl in the Fireplace and the Library episodes were brilliant as well. I am never excited about a new doctor - I get attached to the current one and no matter how old/young they are or how they look, it always takes time to get used to a new doctor. I was skeptical about Tennant and he turned out to be one of the greatest.