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I can now reveal the details of the DARK SHADOWS project I've been working on, "The Wicked and the Dead." But a little history first...

Ten years ago, BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS began releasing a series of DOCTOR WHO Audio CDs, each containing an all-new stories performed by the original actors who made the roles of The Doctors (numbers 5 - 8) famous: Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann. While the early stories were a bit hit-and-miss, the series soon hit its stride.

By 2001/2002, Big Finish were putting out new Doctor Who Audio Adventures each month... and the stories had blossomed in inventiveness and execution. Some of them, by now, were flat-out GENIUS. We're talking new, exciting tales that took the show in a new direction, but always felt authentic to the spirit of the original Who series. If you love Doctor Who as much as I do and haven't heard any of them yet, go check them out. Along with the Doctor, your favorite villains (Daleks, Cybermen) and companions (Sarah Jane Smith, Romana) are there, too... again, voiced by the original actors.

Just some of my personal favorites include (in no particular order):

1. "Jubilee" (which later formed the basis for the new Doctor Who Series One episode, "Dalek")
2. "The Chimes at Midnight"
3. "The Kingmaker" (absolutely hilarious!)
4. "...ish" (bloody brilliant!)
5. "Davros"
6. "Neverland"
7. "Doctor Who and the Pirates" (It's a MUSICAL!)
8. "The One Doctor"
9. "Spare Parts" (One of my ALL-TIME favorite Cybermen tales!!!)
10. "Scaredy Cat" (Spooooooooky!)

Now as much as I like Doctor Who, there's only one show (okay, maybe three shows if you include TWIN PEAKS and THE X-FILES...) that I worship even more. And that's DARK SHADOWS. If only Big Finish were to start making high-quality Audio adventures of that show... I'd really be excited.

Well, my wish came true in 2007 with release of "The House of Despair," the first of a new series of Dark Shadows Audio CDs from, you guessed it, Big Finish Productions. With the release of this month's latest CD, "The Path of Fate," there have been about 8 NEW DS stories released so far. Like the Doctor Who series, these new DS adventures feature the ORIGINAL CAST and expand the DS universe. All your favorite characters are back, including Quentin, Angelique, Maggie Evans, Willie Loomis, and oh... A Certain Vampire!!!

Okay. Now for the news, which I'm sure you've already guessed: This February/March will see the release of THE WICKED AND THE DEAD, written by Yours Truly. Without revealing too much, my story is a two-character dramatic reading starring Jerry Lacy as Reverend Gregory Trask and John Karlen as Carl Collins. The story takes place during the 1897 flashback and chronicles the final hours of everyone's favorite histrionic, hypocritical clergyman. Warning: The first 4 stories ("The House of Despair," "The Book of Temptation," "The Christmas Presence," and "The Rage Beneath") are ONE CONTINUOUS storyline, so you might wanna start with "The House of Despair." Or if you want to jump in head first, "The Wicked and the Dead" and the other 4 dramatic readings ("The Path of Fate," The Skinwalkers," "The Ghost Watcher," and "Clothes of Sand") are all STAND-ALONE stories.

"The Wicked and the Dead" is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. Go to the web address below for more info. I've been told that the CD should be available in February or March, 2009.


You can also go to this web address below and get more info, as well as some behind-the-scenes info on the making of the CD:


Yes, writing it was a blast! And there may be more DS on the horizon! But more on that next time...


derekcbart said...


I was never interested in the original Dark Shadows, but I loved the 1990 redo with Ben Cross. (I don't know if purists like or dislike that version.)

Now that you're in with Big Finish you will need to find a way to write a Doctor Who story.

Tori Lennox said...

*fangirl squeal* I love Dark Shadows. It was my first big fandom, though I got hooked on the 1990 remake first. Then I started renting the original videos. Loved it in all it's campy (and blooper-ridden) glory.

morjana said...


When is Eureka returning to the SciFi Channel? I just checked their schedulebot, which has been updated through March 18, and still no listings for Eureka. I'm going through withdrawal here...

And Jamie Ray Newman is joining the cast? Interesting...

Best wishes!