Friday, February 6, 2009


At last, the love that rocked two very special hearts can be shared with the world!

And that's exactly what happened at the premiere of the new movie FANBOYS when Veronica Mars' KRISTEN BELL confirmed that she is, in fact, engaged to everyone's favorite wookie, CHEWBACCA. "I've loved him ever since I saw the Star Wars Christmas Special," said Bell who wasn't even born in 1979. "But even from the womb, I could sense his fragile humility, his gentle power, and his alien virility." "HRRWWW, HUNNNGG, ROOOOIIIIKKK," said the lovable Wookie moments later, confirming that he is both 1) an alien and 2) extremely virile.

Although they haven't set the date, both Bell and 'Bacca hope to have a June wedding on Kashyyyk, although as that is the planet's rainy season they've reserved the House of Blues in San Diego, CA as a backup.

The happy couple promises a star-studded affair, but assured relieved reporters that actor Jake Lloyd--still bitter over losing the Anakin Skywalker role to Hayden Christensen in Episodes II & III--would not be invited.

As you make recall, Chewbacca and Lloyd, now 19, had a falling out at WonderCon last year when they argued over which was a better film, "Return of the Jedi" or "The Phantom Menace." While the assembled crowd seemed to not care for either film that much, Chewbacca was seriously injured in the brawl when the youthful Jedi master singed his back fur with a double-sided light saber, and although the two have since publicly reconciled, it's clear that bad blood still remains.

When told about Bell and 'Bacca's impending nuptuals, Lloyd issued the following statement: "No F@#KING comment."

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