Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I can't wait!!!


The Fifth Horseman said...

Took me forever to realize that the guy on the phone with Jack was the dad of the family The Doctor and Donna rescued in Fires of Pompeii.

Looks interesting and I hear my favorite character, PC Andy, is in all 5 episodes!

Deniz said...

Hey Mr. Wallace!

It's just recently been announced/revealed that you'll be writing a 6 issue mini series following up on Final Crisis for DC comics called "Ink".


I was wondering if you might be willing to answer a few questions/conduct an interview on your plans, influences, etc?

Sorry to bother, thanks for your time and hopefully talk to you soon!

Congratulations again!

bassrocker said...

Dear Deniz:

Yes, I'd be happy to answer questions.


bassrocker said...


Send the details to me at my gmail address and we'll go from there.


Deniz said...

Consider it done, sir, and thanks so much for the opportunity!