Sunday, February 15, 2009


Is that full of awesome cheesy goodness or what?!

Yes, the word on the genre street is that FOX TV is developing a new pilot based on the DC Comics character called "The Human Target." It's a great idea, really. In order to protect clients with dead threats looming over them, Christopher Chance impersonates them in order to uncover and capture their would-be killers. He uses disguises to done the faces of his clients, becoming a Human Target.

Neat, eh?

Yeah, it's just the right kind of cool spy / intrigue / mystery type of premise that makes for fun, guilty pleasure television. Plus, your lead actor gets to play different people each week, something actors love to do (along with adopting bad accents).

But no matter how great the new version might be, can anything top RICK SPRINGFIELD? I don't know about you, but until seeing this retro title sequence, I'd forgotten just how popular this guy was at one time (still is?!!). Hit songs. A soap opera stint. A prime time show. Touring to millions of screaming female fans?

Please... if there is any justice in the world and HUMAN TARGET actually gets made, have Rick Springfield be a recurring character whom the new Human Target--FRINGE's Mark Valley--impersonates on a semi-regular basis! I'd totally tune in for that...

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Leslie said...

I couldn't agree more about how great it would be to see Rick Springfield make recurring cameos on the new "Human Target". By the way,I saw Rick in concert just 8 days ago in Fl. He is more talented and entertaining than ever. He is also still quite capable of getting the female fans to scream for him. :)