Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My DARK SHADOWS audio drama, "The Wicked and the Dead," is now available for purchase or DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (at a reduced rate of almost 40%!) from Big Finish Productions.

I finally got a chance to listen to the completed version, and I have to say... it's far crazier than I'd imagined! We're talking Edgar Allan Poe on acid. The performances by Jerry Lacy (Reverend Gregory Trask) and John Karlen (Carl Collins) are awesome and very intense. The whole thing takes place in 1897... and has a wild ending that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it!

So pick one up now and make listening to it a Halloween tradition in your household!

In more DS news, the FIRST EIGHT audio dramas are being REISSUED. Here's the scoop about everything from the Big Finish/DS website:

"Big Finish Productions are to reissue a number of their Dark Shadows CD audio dramas for the US retail market, as part of a new broader distribution for the range. Eight titles have been repackaged in larger DVD-style cases, with the aim of making the stories available from more mainstream sales outlets.

The new editions will be available from February 25, and are only available from US retailers. The CD case editions will continue to be available from Big Finish directly, along with new titles in CD casing as they are released. Big Finish will continue to be the sole outlet for downloads of the Dark Shadows stories."

I'm a total DS nut, so even though I bought all the first eight CDs individually, I'll have to own this, too.

Damn you, retail gods!!!

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