Monday, March 9, 2009


As I've mentioned before, I watch a LOT of TV. I sometimes use the excuse, "Hey, it's my job... I have to watch everything." But the truth is... I LOVE TELEVISION. Always have.

Now a lot of folks don't like procedurals. You know, shows with a "mystery of the week" (or three) that gets solved in 42 minutes and has characters which don't always go through as much growth as their counterparts on serialized shows like LOST or HEROES. Well, I LOVE PROCEDURALS. Yes, I'm hooked on BONES, BURN NOTICE, LEVERAGE, THE CLOSER, ELEVENTH HOUR, and yes, CSI.

I've been watching CSI since Season One and this year's addition of Laurence Fishburne to the cast has been great! Finally... a BLACK MAN is the lead (or is that co-lead?) in TV's #1 show. When was the last time that happened? 1986 with MIAMI VICE? (Yes, I'm giving a shout out and some 80s love to Philip Michael Thomas!).

Anyway, if that wasn't cool enough... CSI is going to have a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA crossover.


Go to the web address below for details:

The short version is that the April 16th episode of CSI will take place at a sci-fi convention. Written by BSG alum Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, the episode will have cameos from Kate Vernon and (gulp!) RON MOORE. Set your TiVos, people!

This I gotta see...


Sarah-Enid said...

That's probably the one thing that would get me back to CSI after the loss of over half the cast...

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

You think that's cool, did you hear Watchmen had a Eureka crossover? It was funny to see a couple of actors from Eureka pop up there! :)