Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's almost May, which means FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH is almost upon us!

Now I just KNOW you're going to pick up INK #1 when it hits shelves on May 27th. But there are also THREE other cool FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH titles hitting shelves in May, too: DANCE, RUN, and ESCAPE.

First up is RUN on May 6th, featuring the HUMAN FLAME. Next comes ESCAPE on May 13th, featuring NEMESIS. Then it's DANCE on May 20th, featuring the SUPER YOUNG TEAM. INK hits the final week of a May... but remember, these are all 6-issue miniseries that are full of major surprises! So, why not buy them all?

OK. Buy INK first.

THEN... because you love it so much, GO BACK AND BUY THE REST!

This now ends Bassrocker's Shameless Plug Segment.

And now, back to work...

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