Friday, June 12, 2009

ETHE(r)eal is...


What's that?! You haven't been to the ETHE(r)eal website to check out my latest supernatural multi-media endeavor? Then just go to the address below. (Or just click on the link at the right).

We've added new artwork from PAUL AZACETA ("Unthinkable," "B.P.R.D. 1946") and trust me, it's awesome!!! Plus, learn more about the ETHE(r)eal storyline by checking out new character BIOS.

There's more fun coming every week, so subscribe via RSS and keep up to date! Plus, you can also follow a concurrent ETHE(r)eal storyline on Twitter. Who is the mysterious ANGELA? And how does she know our hero, BODIE TAYLOR? And what does PURUSHA VENTURES have to do with all this? Find Tweets at:


Just don't web surf with the lights out...

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