Monday, June 1, 2009


OK, folks... as I've been hinting for the past few weeks, the supernatural project I've been developing launches its website today. And all of YOU will be the first to see it... don't you feel special?!!! Here's the skinny:

It's a spooky multi-media series called ETHEREAL -- and there are two ways to find out what it's all about. One: copy and paste the web address below into your favorite browser:

Or two... just use the LINK on the RIGHT labeled ETHE(r)eal and it'll take you there ASAP.

As some of you already know, the story of ETHEREAL started on TWITTER a few days ago, as part of a special "sneak preview." Now everyone can check out daily installments by following the moniker below (for those who got an early sneak, please NOTE the change in CAPS):


Then go back to the main website EACH WEEK as new stuff is added.

Just some of the things that will be unveiled over the coming weeks and months are:

-- Artwork from upcoming ETHE(r)eal: THE COMIC BOOK from some of today's HOTTEST artists!

-- Info on the world of ETHE(r)eal, including character bios, "making of..." insight from the creators, FAQs, etc.!

-- Exclusive video content from this Winter's ETHE(r)eal: THE WEB SERIES!

- Excerpts from the TV pilot script!


Yup, it all starts TODAY, so see it from the beginning and be among the first to EXPERIENCE THE SPOOKINESS!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, always happy to follow your stuff as a stalker *cough* fan from Eureka, quality always shines out.

Noticed you said TV Pilot, will Ethe(r)eal eventually show up on our tellies? - it seems you guys are spreading far and wide on this one.

I'm half ready to bet between the comic, webisodes, twitter, site, tv, etc there's going to be some ARG involved as well?


Andrew (already following on twitter as @tobin)

bassrocker said...

Hey, Andrew!

Will ETHE(r)eal every show up on TV? It's so early in the game right now, so it's hard to say.

Because the story is designed to be told in multiple mediums (web comic, print, serialized Twitter novel AND a TV or WEB series), I hope it will make it to your Tellie at some point -- that's definitely the long term part of the plan. But TV is really "phase 3" of a multi-tiered launch. Right now, we're in "phase 1."

But hey... ask me that question again in 6-8 months and I might have a different answer!