Friday, July 31, 2009



Anyone who knows me at all KNOWS that my all-time favorite movie is ALIEN (1979). Yes, this movie... more that STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, ANNIE HALL, HALLOWEEN, THE SEVENTH SEAL, and METROPOLIS (my other top favs)... is responsible for forcing me to get off my ass and move to Hollywood.

I've seen it soooooo many times it's ridiculous, I've memorized the score (both versions!), it's the first one-sheet I ever owned, I quote dialogue from the movie on an almost daily basis to bewildered friends (where do you think I first learned what the word "collate" means?), and I even have a Sigourney Weaver action figure atop my bookshelf.

Yes, ALIEN is the foundation for the geek house that I've built and have been living in ever since.

So... imagine my shock when I found out this morning that RIDLEY SCOTT is coming back to make an ALIEN PREQUEL? Don't believe me? Below is the article from TODAY'S VARIETY. Check it out for yourself:

"Twentieth Century Fox is resuscitating its "Alien" franchise. The studio has hired Jon Spaihts to write a prequel that has Ridley Scott attached to return as director. Spaihts got the job after pitching the studio and Scott Free, which will produce the film.

The film is set up to be a prequel to the groundbreaking 1979 film that Scott directed. It will precede that film, in which the crew of a commercial towing ship returning to Earth is awakened and sent to respond to a distress signal from a nearby planetoid. The crew discovers too late that the signal generated by an empty ship was meant to warn them.

The deal gives Fox another chance to keep the "Alien" franchise alive. There were three sequels to Scott's original, but it is the first time the director has set his mind on directing one.

Spaihts has become a go-to-guy for space thrillers. After Keanu Reeves became attached to his Warner Bros. sci-fi script "Shadow 19," Reeves hired Spaihts to write the space journey epic "Passengers," which is berthed at Morgan Creek. That script got Spaihts the meeting with Fox and Scott Free, and he won the job with an "Alien" reboot take that the studio and Scott loved.

Fox has separately hired him to rewrite "The Darkest Hour," which Timur Bekmambetov to produce with Tom Jacobson. Spaihts is writing "Children of Mars" for Disney and Scott Rudin, and he will follow by rewriting "St. George and the Dragon" for Sony and Red Wagon."

So how am I feeling about all this?


Because... hey... what if it sucks? It'll be the final nail in the ALIEN franchise's coffin.


Because... WHOA... there's gonna be another ALIEN movie. And @#$%... Ridley Scott's gonna direct it!!!


Because although writer Jon Spaihts' pitch was probably really cool, the script still has to be written. And then it's got to go through the long, arduous studio development process. And since it's such a high-profile film, it's gonna be a meal made by a thousand cooks...


Screw all that! Ridley's BACK!!!


Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. They're gonna bury my all-time favorite franchise.


Hey... is this what TITANS fans are feeling like? Maybe I'd better give this movie a chance and not condemn it before it's released... which, let's face it, isn't gonna be until like 2012 or 2013.


According to X-FILES mythology, colonization takes place December 22, 2012. So I guess I won't have to worry about any of this.


Please... let it good. Let it be good. Let it be good.


Hey, Ridley... if you need someone to do a polish or even a whole draft, CALL ME.


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited, although I really hope being a prequel it won't involve Ripley at all.

It would be exciting if a couple of survivors, or the people who see the aftermath start a military focused company around the tech and that's the genesis of that part though.

On a Eureka note, really, really loving the new eps, and I've got to say - I knew what was going to happen at the end with Fargo bowling, but that's one of the greatest things about Eureka, I think. The fact that, even though you guys throw in so many surprises and twists, you occasionally throw in cute moments that you set up, and that we totally would expect to happen and it just gives you that good goofy feeling on the payoff.

Fantastic stuff and some of the best eps yet.

bassrocker said...

Thanks, crucible! Hope you find the rest of the season just as entertaining. We've got a few surprises up our sleeves...!