Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, actually THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO, but got your attention didn't? Seriously though...

In case you hadn't heard, DC Comics has announced that I'll be taking over as the new writer on TITANS once the current run of one shots wraps up (Winter 2009/2010), and I can't tell you how excited I am!

Actually. I CAN tell you that. What I can't tell you are spoilers on the upcoming stories. First up, here's the announcement as made on

5. Is there a similar announcement about the Titans creative team coming up?

DD: I’m sure there will be shortly.

NRAMA: Got a ballpark on time?

DD: How about right now? We’re happy to say that the team that’s working on Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink right now, Eric Wallace and Farbrizio Fiorentino will become the new regular team on the series after the current stories wrap up, but when they do come on board, expect dramatic changes in the world of the Titans.

So how excited am I? So much so that when I ran into comic book legend and TITANS co-creator MARV WOLFMAN this weekend at the Writers Guild here in LA, I just had to geek out on him and tell him how much I loved his run. I also promised I'd do my best to make him proud.

To my utter shock and complete delight, Marv then proceeded to tell me how big a EUREKA fan he is. Whoa... talk about your memorable-but-totally-surreal life moments.

Okay... now the pressure's really on to write some great stories, because if I don't Marv is gonna yell at me...

Just kidding.

Or AM I?


gina m said...

So does this affect your Eureka gig, or are you a master multitasker (say THAT fast) who can do it all?

bassrocker said...

I'll be pulling double duty and doing both. So much for sleeping...