Monday, August 10, 2009


And we think things are commercialized nowadays?!!

Yes, pictured above is exactly what you think it is. BATMAN: THE CEREAL. I got this waaaaay back in June, 1989 right before the Tim Burton BATMAN movie came out. I found it again this weekend--20 years later--while cleaning my garage.

Man, a lot has happened in the last twenty years.

In the Summer of 1989, I was soooooo young. I didn't know much. Girls were still pretty much a mystery. I'd only recently been to my first Yes concert (a year earlier on the "Big Generator" Tour). I was living in Austin, Texas. And yes, I was reading comic books like a crazy person.

Today I'm married, I've seen Yes 33 times, I live in LA... and I'm still reading comic books like a crazy person. Of course, I write them, too, so there has been some progress in the last two decades.

But man... finding that Batman bank was just wild. Who'd have thought that a cheesy box of tasty, sugar-filled cereal (yes, I bought two boxes back in 1989... the first one I actually ate. It tasted just like Captain Crunch) would be a time capsule to self-reflection all these years later?

And why haven't I sold this thing on Ebay yet? C'mon... it's unopened AND comes with a bank!

So what did I learn from Batman Cereal this weekend? I learned that the dreamers of this world (like myself) do have something to offer. Because the world is a harsh tough place and the fuel that we provide keeps it running.

Yes, I supposed this is the part where I tell you sad stories about how hard it's been to get this far. How hard it's been for the kid who dreamed of telling stories for a living to finally get to a place where he can do it for a living. But you've heard enough of those tales. No one needs another sad story about someone getting crapped on just to beat the odds in the end. What we all need is that fuel. It's what will get us through the tough times. What inspires us to reach great heights and be people.

That fuel is hope... and as cheesy as it sounds, it's something the world has been sorely lacking in as of late, something that hopefully (pun intended) is making a come back. Hope is the currency we dreamers trade in. It's our stock and trade. Our bread and butter. It's what gives us the power to turn our dreams into realities. Because as long it exists, we will never give up. But it's not ours exclusively. Hope can be yours, too. Trust me when I say it can change your life. It might take twenty years and a box of cereal. Or it might take five minutes and frightening-yet-simple decision to take a stab at doing what you've always wanted or becoming who you've always wanted to be.

And the good thing about hope is that it's not just a renewable resource, it's the one inexhaustible fuel the human race possesses. So go ahead. Fill up. Done that? Good.

Now dare... to dream.

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Milaka said...

The Rule of Three states:

1. Humans cannot survive more than three hours exposed to extreme low-temperature.
2. Humans cannot survive more than three days without water.
3. Humans cannot survive more than three weeks without food.

I have heard people put a 4th in there:
Humans cannot survive more than three seconds without hope.

I believe it.