Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh, man. It's a great time to be geeky.

The latest reason is the announcement that all the old DARK SHADOWS comics from Gold Key (long since discontinued and out of print) are finally being re-released in deluxe hardcover editions!

Dude, I used to read these when I was a kid!!!!

I just can't wait until March 2010 to buy these. Sure, I know some of the stories were cheesy. And that they rarely had anything to do with established DS continuity. WHO CARES! It's Barnabas Collins in his original comic book form!

I used to read these while living in Germany as a kid; they were one of the ways I was able to keep in contact with my Heimat-culture while being so far away from home. So, yes... these comics... no matter how flawed they might be... are extremely personal to me. Back then, living in the German countryside with no other English-speaking kids within 30 kilometers, being able to bring home a bit of Dark Shadows every other month or so was a real Godsend, one that got me through some lonely times.

Fortunately, they also sufficiently warped my brain and turned me into the writer who makes his living nowadsys telling weird, funny, and spooky stories on a regular basis.

Thanks, Barnabas -- can't wait to reconnect. Your BFF, moi.

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Tori Lennox said...

I haven't read these before but I want them!!!