Tuesday, September 29, 2009


BATMAN got one. SUPERMAN got one, too. SPIDER-MAN just got one a coupla months back. And you damn well know the X-MEN will get one when their time comes. So why not the greatest female superhero of all time?!!! And just what am I referring to?

I'm talking about a 600th issue for Wonder Woman.

Let me explain.

All the heroes and super teams listed about have been around for at least 40 years. Which means they've all had enough time to get to that magical issue 600. Well, everyone's favorite amazon princess has been around for SIXTY-EIGHT YEARS. Yup, with the exception of a brief period in 1986, Diana has been published continuously.

And if that's not enough to prove just how important she is to pop culture, then what about the iconic 70s TV series, the numerous dolls and toys that continue to pay homage to her, or that cool new animated DVD movie that just came out? Yes, if anyone is deserving of a 600th issue... it's WW.

But it won't happen without your help.

The problem is... NUMBERING. Currently appearing in the third version of her series and written by the brilliant Gail Simone, issue #36 of WW hits stands tomorrow. Nope, that's not a typo. ISSUE THIRTY-SIX. This is because although it's her third series, Diana's run always starts over at "Issue #1" every time.

Now mind you, this is done for two very good reasons. One: first issues sell more comics. Two (and more importantly): restarting a classic character in a new series at "#1" helps reignite reader interest. After all, folks like collecting "first issues." Also, it's a lot less intimidating for a new WW fan to jump onboard a series at #1 -- it makes them feel like they haven't missed anything -- than say... #591, which might discourage the casual comic book buyer.

But in renumbering her title twice now, a milestone in comic book history is in danger of being overlooked. Thankfully, DC Comics SVP & Executive Editor Dan DiDio wants to change that. And he needs help from all of us. Check out the following excerpt from yesterday on NEWSARAMA.COM:

"... we caught DiDio looking at some of the postcards he's received in support of switching the Wonder Woman comic back to its original numbering. As readers will remember from our previous conversations with the editor, DiDio will change the numbering of Wonder Woman #45 to #600 if he receives 600 total postcards. DiDio said the count is up to 385 postcards so far."

600 postcards.

That's it, people. SIX HUNDRED measly postcards that say, "Please renumber WW #45 to #600. Thank you!" But even though this was announced several weeks (maybe even months!) ago, only 385 postcards have been sent. Well, that's not just a shame, it's a CRIME against the Gods of Pop Culture.

C'mon, people!

Go to your local store. Spend the buck or so for a cool postcard, write the message above, put a stamp on it... and SEND IT NOW to Dan @ DC Comics. I'm doing it as soon as I finish writing this. What's that? Don't have the address? I do.

1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

And now that I think about it... screw 600 postcards. Let's aim high and blow expectations out of the water. How about 6,000 postcards?!!! Or even 29, 657 (the number of copies WW #35 sold last month)! Together, we can do this. So go out today and do the right thing. But don't stop there. Tell your friends. Tell your mom and dad. Tell your spouse. Tell Gloria Steinem! Tell anyone who will listen!

Together, we can give WONDER WOMAN the kind of 600th issue celebration she deserves.

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Don said...

Got a postcard from the stack. Addressed, stamped, and sent.

A favorite of mine for, well, darn near forty years. I loved Greco-Roman Theology and then WW had to do the Twelve Labors to regain her powers. Soooo cool. Such a wonderful memory.