Sunday, February 21, 2010


Recording on the latest DARK SHADOWS audio drama, "KINGDOM OF THE DEAD," continued yesterday here in Hollywood, CA. Joining myself once again was director DARREN GROSS (red shirt above) and engineer JAMES BARTH (black shirt).

Newsflash: Darren and James have worked on over half of the new DS Big Finish releases, and are true unsung heroes on these projects! James has the nerve-racking job of making sure everything gets captured without a hitch or technical glitch. Yes, the man can make magic with a microphone. Meanwhile, Darren must juggle getting the best performances from the actors with making sense of the story myself and co-writer/producer STUART MANNING have written!

(Trust me, that last part can be quite a task at times!)

Joining us for day two of the KOTD recording sessions were actors JERRY LACY, KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT, JOHN KARLEN, and ANDREW COLLINS.

Everyone was in great spirits and delivered incredible performances! I'm telling you, KINGDOM OF THE DEAD is really coming together. I wish I could share details of the story with you, but sorry... no spoilers here! I can only say that KOTD picks up right where THE RAGE BENEATH left off.

What I can tell you is how wonderful the DS cast is. I love John Karlen! The way he delivers each line with such gusto is just astonishing. And John has such great stories! What a great guy... Oh, and I'm now going to start calling the amazing Andrew Collins "The Man of a Thousand Voices." Seriously, this guy had to read his own parts AND run filler lines for other characters (whose parts will be recorded later), and he never missed a beat. There were even times when Andrew had to have a conversation with himself, and somehow he was able to change character inflections without skipping a beat! Talk about impressive...

Jerry Lacy has a very special role in KOTD. Again, I wish I could tell you about the awesome soliloquy he delivered... but again, no spoilers here. I can say... WOW. It was especially cool when Andrew and Jerry got to face off in a particularly tense scene. Did I mention I can't wait for you all to hear the finished product? It's gonna be terrific!

But let's not forget the wonderful lady of the bunch who graced our presence yesterday. Kathryn Leigh Scott is just a magnificent, kind, and incredible person. Not only does she bring passion to her craft, but she also brings compassion to her life and how she deals with others. Let me just say that she's a true class act and always elevates any gathering she's a part of. Oh, and wait until you see what Maggie Evans is up to in KOTD. You're about to see another side of her folks...

More soon as the recording sessions continue!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait...I've already placed my order for the box set. It's going to be brilliant!