Friday, April 30, 2010


You know that Osiris has joined Deathstroke's all-new TITANS team, but why? Sorry. You'll have to wait for next Wednesday, May 5th to find out all the answers. But you can get a few hints as to what lies in store in my latest interview at NEWSARAMA.COM. Just click on this post's heading at the top, and it'll take you there.

DC Comics' TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE SPECIAL #1 hits next week. Check it out. But be warned.

This ain't your momma's Titans...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Like I really have to time to read these days. But I'm a writer, which means I have to keep priming the pump. And what better way than with my all-time favorite writer, little Stevie King? (That's my nickname for him; has been since the late 80s...) Yes, my copy of his new novella BLOCKADE BILLY came today. I can't wait to dig in.

What's that? You've never heard of this book? Neither had I until about 10 days ago, when I stumbled across it on the CEMETERY DANCE website.

The edition I ordered is supposed to be rare and special, which I guess means it'll make me breakfast after I'm done reading it. I don't really care about the collectable market. I'm one of those guys who buys an action figure, then takes it out of the damn box and actually plays with it. It's the same with books. I just want a good read, and little Stevie King almost always delivers.

(OK. I'm still mad about THE TOMMYKNOCKERS...)

It shouldn't surprise you then that I'm more excited the edition I purchased comes with a special William "Blockade Billy" Blakely baseball card than its supposed "rarity" as a future collectible item. C'mon... a baseball card about the book's fictional protagonist? How cool is that?!

Now all I have to do is carve out some time this weekend to read the damn thing. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I'm still in the middle of "His Dark Materials," and I started that back in December. Oh, and there's this whole revising-my-latest-EUREKA-script-thing going down. My next episode starts shooting in less than a week. Now I really feel like I need a vacation. Fortunately, vacations are when I get most of my reading done. Griffith Park here I come.

Play ball!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Check out the awesome cover of next month's TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE SPECIAL #1. Artist Fabrizio Fiorentino has outdone himself on this one. Just wait until you see the rest of his work!

What's that? You can't wait until May, 5, 2010? Then go to DC Comics' groovy blog, THE SOURCE (see web address below) for more, including some of Fabry's mindblowing interior artwork.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've heard WONDERful things about this convention for years. But although I've been attending various sci-fi & comic book conventions since 1985 (my first Doctor Who convention where I met the Third Doctor--John Pertwee--and the 2nd Master--Anthony Ainley), I had somehow never made it to San Francisco for WONDER CON.

Well, I finally got around to it this year and had a blast.

In addition to buying toys and catching up on my comic books, I was just delighted by how many old friends I ran into. We're talking folks I hadn't seen in years. Oh, and yeah... Lou Ferrigno, too.

I also had my brother-in-law along for the ride. He lives in China and was visiting the U.S. for a few weeks. Well, between the costumes, panels, and other shenanigans, a great time was had by all. Listening to Kevin Smith chat on Friday night was one of the weekend's highlights. Of course, I was so busy laughing I forgot to take a picture. Here's one of The Avengers instead.

Of course, WonderCon wasn't all pleasure. There was business afoot, too with my participation in DC Comics' BRIGHTEST DAY panel. In addition to giving fans a sneak peek at what's in store for the DCU in 2010, it was also announced that OSIRIS will be joining the TITANS. My first issue as writer on the new team launches May 5th with the TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE SPECIAL #1. But then... you already knew that, right?

But no WonderCon report would be complete without mentioning... yup, you guessed it: the U.S. Premiere of Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, in THE ELEVENTH HOUR. The episode was shown twice with huge lines of people waiting to get inside the screening room. I got lucky. The DC Brightest Day panel was in the same room as the DW screening, so after the panel I was already inside and able to get a decent seat. The event began with a special videotaped introduction by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan saying "hello" to the American fans and thanking us for our support of the show.

Then.. the lights went down and the era of the Eleventh Doctor began! What did I think? I really liked it! Yes, I'm still missing David Tennant a bit, but Matt Smith delivered a great performance and I think his Doctor's really going to grow on me over the course of Series Five.

By Sunday, despite the rain, it was time to go. And I was having a hard time saying good-bye to San Francisco and it's delightful convention. Guess I'll just have to go again next year...

Monday, April 5, 2010



Well, I'm back from WONDER CON 2010 (what a blast!) where we just announced the fifth member of Deathstroke's new TITANS team. And it's a non other than OSIRIS.

And just who is Osiris? See the guy in yellow and black on the FAR RIGHT of the picture below from BLACKEST NIGHT #8? (Geez... could there be more prepositional phrases in that last sentence, or what?!) That's Osiris... and he's a member of the extended Marvel / Shazam Family that includes, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Black Adam, Isis, and Captain Marvel, Jr.

(Actually, Captain Marvel, Jr. is really the NEW Captain Marvel... because Billy--Captain Marvel--Batson and Mary Marvel no longer have their powers. But that's a long story we won't get into just now. Read THE POWER OF SHAZAM #48 [still available at your local comic book retailer] for details on this, as well as more on Osiris's back story!!!)

And just what does that provocative question in the first pix mean? Is Osiris the person in question who hired Deathstroke to resurrect his family? I'm not telling.


Pick up TITANS: VILLIANS FOR HIRE SPECIAL #1 on May 5, 2010 and find out the answers! Then follows Osiris's epic new journey, as well as the unpredictable and sinister missions of Deathstroke and Co. beginning in TITANS #24 (June 2010), where more questions are raised... and new surprises await! Trust me, you're gonna LOVE it.