Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm still exhausted from attending this year's massive SAN DIEGO COMIC CON. Then why am I missing it already? Maybe it's because I had so much fun signing comic books and meeting all you groovy folks. That's the big DC COMICS booth (above). Thanks to all you TITANS fans who came by!

But as some of you also might know, I also work on this little show called EUREKA. And wow, judging by the E-fan love last weekend, you're all really digging this season! Thanks to all of you who shared your passion and enthusiasm with myself and the rest of the writers, cast, and crew last weekend. You're all FANTASTIC.

So what's that picture below?

This is Friday night at CAFE DIEM (yup, Syfy turns the restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel into Cafe Diem all weekend, and it's AWESOME!). Some of the writers and cast of EUREKA had dinner that night. That's Warehouse 13's ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI (a Eureka guest star this season) with JAMES CALLIS (Dr. Charles Grant) and NEIL GRAYSTON (Douglas Fargo). I figured you'd enjoy a picture of them a lot more than me (!).

But there was tons more fun to be had all weekend -- more than I could ever possibly describe here. So I'll let a few more images speak for me, eh? Check out all the fans dressed as Marvel characters. And yes, that's ASGARD (from the new THOR movie) they're posing on.

Oh, and I got to meet one of my movie-making idols, GALE ANNE HURD, who was doing publicity for AMC's upcoming THE WALKING DEAD series. Call it hyperbole if you want, but people... I honestly feel like TWD has the potential to be THE greatest horror TV series OF ALL TIME. Can't wait to see it!!!

Finally, I leave you with FRANKENBERRY. Why? Do you really have to ask? C'mon. It's FRANKENBERRY. How cool is that?

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