Thursday, July 15, 2010


Check it out -- that's the new boxed CD set of DARK SHADOWS AUDIO DRAMAS from Big Finish Productions.

Picking up directly after the cliffhanger ending of "The Rage Beneath," KOTD is a 4-part story starring the original Dark Shadows cast, including DAVID SELBY, KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT, LARA PARKER, JERRY LACY, and JOHN KARLEN among others. Plus, let's not forget talented newcomer ANDREW COLLINS, who continues his role as BARNABAS COLLINS (from Series One).

Yours Truly co-wrote the new series (plus has a GUEST VOICE CAMEO ROLE!) with Producer STUART MANNING. And trust me, if you're a DS fan--new or old--you're gonna love this new series! It's got thrills, chills, romance, action, mystery, and TONS of SURPRISES.

The CDs are available now to pre-order directly from Big Finish Productions (see the web address below), or you can pick up copies THIS WEEKEND at the DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL in Burbank, CA. I'll be there! Hope to see you, too.

Want more info on this weekend's DS Festival? Then go to:

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louis41 said...

Hi Eric,

Great job at Fest. Tried to say hi but kept missing you at Big Finish table. Was in the hallway about to meet Frid when you came out of room with signed poster. Awesome! I've written some animated TV eps (night job) and work in Disney's music dept (day job). Big Dr. Who and Yes fan, too. Would love to chat, but not sure best way to reach you. I'm at Thanks much. Louis