Wednesday, July 14, 2010



And why is he trying to kill LEX LUTHOR and the TITANS?

Find out now!


ToB said...

Eric, Love what you are doing with the Titans - just saw the cover solicit for October. I think Slade looks great in a straitjacket, even better at Arkham; too bad he won't be staying. I have a question as a Titans fan - JT Krul has a thread on Comic Bloc forums where he answers questions from readers - is it something you would consider?

EccentricLefty said...

Enjoying your Titans run so far, don't listen to the nay-say-ers. The critics have been misinterpreting your issues, but I think the quality of your work will become more apparent to those who are not picking up on the subtleties as it all comes together. Can't wait to see what Slade's got planed for Ryan's belt, what happens the next time Osiris says Isis' name, how Cheshire takes Deathstroke shooting her to make a point, etc. Keep doing what you're doing ^.^

EWROTE said...

ToB & EccentricLefty:

THANKS for the kind words. And keep reading!

Per the Comic Bloc forums, lemme think about that one... my wife says I already spend too much time at the computer.