Monday, August 2, 2010


If you know me, you know I love what I do -- whether it's writing comic books, TV shows, audio dramas, movies, videogames, or whatever... I just love telling stories. Especially genre stories.

But addition to loving all-things horror/sci-fi-/fantasy/action oriented, I'm also African-American. What happens when a Black writer takes on pop culture? If you're reading TITANS, then you're already seeing it in action. A diverse team dealing with issues, both dark and light (although let's face... more DARK!), while trying to make sense of this journey we call life. If you watch EUREKA, then you must know how proud I am to work on a show with such a wonderfully diverse cast. It's also a show where an interracial romance (Carter and Allison) is no big deal. It's just, you know, LOVE. And that's groovy, eh?

Anyway, last weekend at SDCC, Arturo R. Garcia interviewed me for his wonderful blog, RACIALICIOUS.COM -- the result is a frank and wonderful discussion about diversity in comic books, as well as (hopefully!) a bit of insight into what it's like to be a writer of color in a major pop culture medium. Check it out by clicking on the TITLE of this post -- you'll be taken to

Thanks to Arturo for asking some tough questions and for being a great guy!

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