Wednesday, August 11, 2010


What could possibly make ARSENAL join a team led by his greatest enemy? Find out now.


ToB said...

Eric, won't lie, I hope you build this story up to a big monster arc in which the Titans deliver retribution to slade in some blow-out. Like a Royal Titanic Catharsis for 30 years of the anti-heroic 'Slade trying to be the team's twisted pater familias.'

I hope he has a reason for wanting to cheat death - either for himself - or someone else? Dick, Roy, Gar, Ravager, and maybe the Markovs, as key players many months down the road spring to mind. Pacing, plot, characterization and the art (beautiful!) were all great in this issue.

EWROTE said...

Thanks, ToB -- and stay tuned. You're gonna dig it.