Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thanks to everyone who tuned in this summer for Season Four of EUREKA. But hey... the season's not over yet! Coming this December is our first-ever CHRISTMAS EPISODE (you won't believe what happens in this one...!). Then in 2011, Season Four continues! Stay tuned for air dates and details.


Neil said...

It has been a great season. I really thought that it was going to go back to something closer to the original timeline with the mid-season finale erasing the Carter/Allison unification, but things basically stayed with current status quo. Looking forward to how things move on from here.

EWROTE said...

If you thought 4.0 changed the equation, you're gonna freak when you see what happens in Eureka Season 4.5. The fallout from the timeline change continues with even greater consequences for our favorite residents. Plus there's Felicia Day! How awesome is that?! Thanks for watching.