Thursday, October 28, 2010


Looks like more folks wanna know all about the SHAZAM SPECIAL #1 one-shot I'm writing this January. Fortunately, there's not just one interview (see my previous posting), but TWO... thanks to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES.

Just click on the title of this posting and you'll be taken to my CBR interview, which reveals more details about the return of Captain Marvel, as well as what it's like writing those great Marvel Family characters (Billy, Mary, Freddie, etc.).

The Shazam Special #1 from DC COMICS hits January 26, 2011. In it we'll find out what Captain Marvel has been up to during the past year, what Billy & Mary are doing to get their powers back, and also get a special TITANS tie-in cameo from OSIRIS that leads directly into TITANS #32.

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ToB said...

I read both interviews and this looks really interesting! It's going on my pull list. I'm very curious to see if you will interweave the Marvel family with the Titans and if the Marvels will have something to do with the classic Titans - or Slade, or both. There have been hints in JL Gen Lost about a war involving Captain Marvel, and of course the Marvels are in an upcoming Tiny Titans. Is Captain Marvel the big rabbit that will be pulled out of the hat in the umpteenth hour in Brightest Day?

Perhaps having the Marvels around the Titans could have some impact on Raven, down the road? I hope this is the basis for a 2011 Marvels series, with lots of Dr. Sivana cameos. Also, a creator-owned comic sounds great.