Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A few weeks ago, ToB asked me a few questions about how I approach writing DEATHSTROKE. Well, I got a little long-winded with my answer. Fortunately, DC's blog printed it anyway (thanks, guys).

So for this and the answer a few other TITANS-related questions, just CLICK on the title of this blog post. It'll take you directly to THE SOURCE, the cool blog of all things DCU related.

And thanks to ToB for asking. Hope you enjoy the answer... as well as the "Family Reunions" storyline, which kicks off this month in TITANS #28.


ToB said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks very much for your answer! I always thought that the Deathstroke was a pater familias gone wrong, not quite in the same way Trigon was. I thought his bare chested dad the anti-hero, which was his first appearance in the Titans after the Judas Contract was kinda hard to stomach. I prefer your Deathstroke, at least he keeps his shirt on (so far) and he seems in your series to be silently obsessed with something, so I'm following. I am interested to see what karma Deathstroke will reap in the end of his misguided fatherly instincts.

I wonder if you will deal with his dubious interest in acting as a surrogate father/mentor to young girls like Poprocket - and will she show up (or be mentioned) in the Titans? She appeared last in Outsiders I think. Also, someone responding to your Source article asked a question I was wondering about too. Given Deathstroke's history of drugging his proteges, is he drugging Roy? No need to answer if you can't give away your story plans. Thanks again.

ToB said...

Correction, I should have said Slade's first appearance in Titans after the JC was of course his trial. After that, he appeared on his safari compound in Africa in anti-hero form to greet Joseph. It was not one of my favourite scenes.