Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The "Family Reunions" arc continues in TITANS #29, which is out today. It's BATMAN vs. DEATHSTROKE in an all-out battle, plus we learn more about the mysterious Allegra Garcia... a young Hispanic lady with a very bad attitude towards authority. Also, the rest of the Titans continue their battle with Batman's Rogues Gallery, including MR. FREEZE, CLAYFACE, and KILLER CROC.

It's Part 2 of a 5-part story that builds up to the surprising events in TITANS #31 & 32 that will change the team forever. Seriously. I know, because I'm writing the scripts. Speaking of which, I should probably get back to work now...


TITANS #29 from DC Comics... available now at comic stores everywhere.


Tarcísio Aquino said...
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Tarcísio Aquino said...

Very good issue! I am very curious about Slades's plans.

Recently you talked about the team in an interview. I would like to ask you if some old Titan will appear on the book?

What about Poprocket and Jericho?
Thanks, Mr. Wallace.

ToB said...

I like Allegra Garcia - interesting new character. I'm very curious to see what the big picture is and where this is all going to go.

EWROTE said...

Hello, Tarcisio and thanks!

It's funny that you should ask about other Titans. You and several other fans have been sending questions and it's got me thinking about what's the best way to answer them on a (semi) regular basis.

So with that in mind, I've come up with a way to open a Q & A dialogue with fans & readers that I hope we'll all enjoy. Look for an announcement on this blog in the next week or so as to how this will happen.

Oh, and to answer your question about old Titans... that answer is "maybe." But even if it were to happen, it won't be anytime soon.

Slade and his team are going to be very busy dealing with the fallout from their Arkham Asylum trip for awhile. Plus, special guest star CAPTAIN MARVEL (Freddie Freeman) will be paying Osiris a visit very soon. Yeah, the Titans are going to have their hands full in early 2011.

Keep reading!

EWROTE said...

Hey there, ToB:

Glad you enjoyed meeting Allegra. I've already fallen in love with the character and am enjoying writing her initial appearance. FYI: We'll learn MUCH more about her next month in TITANS #30. (Boy, Slade really knows how to pick 'em, eh?) And yes, Allegra is one tough, kickass, and very dangerous Hispanic young lady. And remember, if she's been living in Arkham Asylum... there's a pretty good chance that she's crazy, right?

Oh, and see my earlier comment about a way for me to answer your future questions that I think will be fun for us all. More in a week or so.

Tarcísio Aquino said...

Thank you for reply, Wallace.

Great idea about Q & A dialogue. Can't wait.



ToB said...

Thanks for your reply Eric, that sounds cool. I would love to see your answers to questions about your plans for the classic Titans, even if the plans are far down the road. They have their 40th anniversary in 2014 - would love to see a DCU wide crossover focussing on them in that year. I'd love to see some resurrections of a few key Titans and see Dick eventually turn Batman Inc into Titans International a few years down the line. That's been around on the boards. Maybe too much to hope for.

I wonder if this Marvel family crossover will mean that the family will now have a big presence on the Titans scene. I also have one other specific question, which maybe you can address if you are taking questions. - Dan Didio right now is dealing with Geo-Force over in Outsiders. He mentioned in an interview that this was a continuation of the 'Last Will and Testament' story. I'm curious if Slade's ultimate plan, or big picture as you see it has anything to do with the troubling things happening to GF right now. Thanks a lot - looking forward to your announcement and the next Titans issue.