Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's the beginning of the end for one Titan and the end of the beginning for another. Also, guest artist Philip Tan helps out regular penciller Fabrizio Fiorentino as all-out action erupts in Philadelphia. But why the city of Brotherly Love? It's Osiris unleashed!

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ToB said...

It's becoming clear that you're pushing each character well past the point of no return based on them commiting murder related to a dead loved one. I'm just waiting to see Slade crack the problem of life and death and hold it over these ruined Titans. How does the hero stay heroic and what price will he be willing to pay if a villain holds control of his heart and soul, and his heart's desire?

Would Roy, presented with the possibility of bringing Lian back, be too ashamed to see her? These are the kinds of questions you have me asking Eric. It's great work on a great series.