Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The cover says it all. Now get thee to ye olde comic book store and buyeth thine self a copy.


queerjock92 said...

Okay, I've had a love/hate relationship with this title, but kudos.

I really enjoyed this issue, and I really appreciated the little wink/nod to the Giganta incident in Secret Six. Did you coordinate with Gail Simone by any chance?

Tarcísio Aquino said...

I really enjoyed the issue. I am very curious about Jericho. By the way, I don't want see him dead or crazy again. Please, Mr Wallace. Give him some good time.

I love how you bring some things from the past of the characters. Very anxious for the next issue. Daniel Rogers made me curious.

The drama and the dynamics are very impressive.

Althought I still did not unterstant why TITANS name, I am enjoying the issue.


EWROTE said...


You'll be learning a LOT more about Daniel Rogers aka DRAGO in next week's TITANS #34. And while I won't give any spoilers away, I think you'll be happy with the way Jericho rejoins the Titans family this summer. As for why Deathstroke is using the Titans' name, that long-hanging question WILL be answered this summer in the next Titans' story arc, "The Methuselah Imperative," which runs through the TITANS ANNUAL, TITANS #37, & TITANS #38.


Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed the nod. Any time we writers get the chance to add a bit of synchronicity into multiple books within the DCU, you can usually bet that we'll go for it.

Tarcísio Aquino said...

Thank you for reply, Eric. I really CAN'T WAIT to see the real Jericho coming back.