Wednesday, March 23, 2011


TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE... the softcover graphic collection is out today. Now you can see how Deathstroke's bizarre mission began in a volume that collects the VILLAINS FOR HIRE SPECIAL #1, along with TITANS #24-#27. Meet Facade! Watch as Arsenal joins the team and gets into some serious bad $#%&! And also get all the initial clues as to what Slade is really up to.

Warning: This book is NOT for the squeamish!


ToB said...

Hey Eric, still following your Titans series, and saw your plug on the Source. I'm really curious about your comment "wanted to see another 'classic' member of the Titans back on the team, but not necessarily one of the characters you might expect." Sooo, does this mean you are bringing a classic member besides Jericho back, and if so, any hints as to who? And if not, any hints as to which issue? Thanks.

EWROTE said...

ToB... So sorry. But I can't answer these questions without ruining some MAJOR spoilers! All I can say is that you won't have too long to wait for Jericho's return. Hang in there. :-)

ToB said...

Thanks Eric - I'll keep reading! Hope to see Allegra again in the book. I would love to see you find a way to tie her to Miriam Delgado's continuity.