Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's my second day here at San Francisco's most excellent WONDERCON, and I must say to anyone thinking of going next year... JUST DO IT. It's just like the San Diego Comic Con, only smaller and less insane. Which means there are no long lines, but still tons of stuff to do. Plus downtown SF is just gorgeous.

Now I've seen a TON of costumes this weekend, most of them far more revealing than the three guys pictured above. But these are my favorites at WonderCon so far. Why? Did I mention I'm a THOR nut? Well, while I'm excited about the upcoming movie... it's the original Thor comics I read as a kid that are closest to my heart. And the guys pictured above have captured that childhood perfectly.

VOLSTAGG, HOGUN, and FANDRAL (from left to right) or THE WARRIORS THREE as they are known to old school Marvel fans are essentially Thor's POSSE in Asgard. They won't look like this in the Thor movie that comes out this May. This is what their original costumes looked like, i.e. the ones I grew up with and still LOVE. So kudos to some fellow fans for showing up with the Old School Asgardian Love.

I have not read GAME OF THRONES or any of the books in George R.R. Martin's fantasy series. But man, I am soooooo excited to watch the show on HBO in a couple of weeks. So when I found out THE actual "throne" was here at WonderCon and you could sit in it and get your picture taken, I jumped at the chance. That's Yours Truly below holding court at the HBO booth.

And although I wasn't on it, today's DC UNIVERSE PANEL was great. Hilarious, but great. Great because look at who was on it:

That's (from left to right) super-editor EDDIE BERGANZA, genius "Titans" artist PHILIP TAN, and brilliant writers MARV "Teen Titans" WOLFMAN, JUDD "JL: Generation Lost" WINICK, and JAMES "Starman," "JLA" ROBINSON. I say the panel was hilarious because there was so much the panelists COULDN'T REVEAL about what's coming up in the DCU. But what Marv could finally reveal is that the long-awaited TEEN TITANS original graphic novel that he and George Perez have been working on for 20+ years is DONE. Look for it to hit shelves September 2011.

I'll leave you with a shot of lovely downtown San Francisco, where WonderCon is being held. More soon...

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