Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My first interview on all-things TERRIFIC. Check it out now by clicking on the title of this blog post. Or paste the web address below into your browser:


MR. TERRIFIC #1 will be available in both PRINT AND DIGITAL FORMS on September 14, 2011.


R. George R. said...

I’m looking forward to reading these stories. I haven’t sampled your work yet (I don’t watch TV), but the story elements you mention in this interview have me intrigued. We (Black comic readers) need (okay, I want to read about) a cosmic guy with his head on his shoulders.

EWROTE said...

Right with you on wanting to read about an intelligent, kickass Black superhero, RGR. I think you're going to love this new series, but pick it up in September and tell me what you think yourself.

And go to my latest interview up now at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES (see my latest post) for even more on the new series.

R. George R. said...
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R. George R. said...

Will do. By the way, we’ve been chatting up the book’s announcement (and various elements of the cover to Issue 1!) at Blacksuperhero.com’s forum.

EWROTE said...

Thanks, R. George R!

And I dig your website -- let me know if you'd like to chat more at length. I'm happy to provide an interview that lets you and your readers ask questions / learn more about Mister Terrific and his awesome new world.